What is Ralph Payne Consulting?

Ralph Payne Consulting is a network of consultants who provide digital signal processing solutions for a variety of applications. We have expertise in virtually every stage of turnkey product development. We provide classic system engineering services starting with product requirement specifications and ending with product acceptance testing. We develop algorithms and verify them using industry standard tools.  We develop target DSP specific implementations of the algorithms and verify the code on our client's hardware. We also design DSP boards and develop board support packages.

Where do we come from?

The Ralph Payne Consulting network of consultants comes from the electronics industry in the Dallas, Texas area. The typical consultant has ten to twenty years of experience in his area of expertise.  Most have significant experience in the defense industry, consumer electronics, and electronic communications.  Many  are military veterans.

How do we work?

After the initial contact, Ralph Payne Consulting works with the potential client to verify that our skill set matches their needs. During  the early stages of these discussions joint  non-disclosure agreements are signed and statement of work is generated.   The statement of work is used to estimate the duration and cost of the project. We will consider fixed price contracts, but usually perform as a work-for-hire and bill on a time and materials basis. Working at the client site is an option, but most of the work is done off site.

Why us?

We provide expertise that may not otherwise be available to our clients for various reasons. The project may not require a full time staff . Perhaps, the technology is a departure from their expertise and they need our specialized help.  Other clients are small start up companies that require the staffing flexibility that we provide. Our clients use us to provide a cost effective solution for a variety of reasons.

Ralph Payne Consulting