1      History. 6

2      Joyce Acheson. 6

3      Jerry Allison. 6

4      Bob Anderson – 12/07/2007. 6

5      Lena Atnip. 7

6      Audree Aynes. 7

7      Nancy Baecht 7

8      Harold Ballou. 7

9      Karen Barnes (Wilmot) – 2/21/2008. 7

10        Gene Barnhill – 12/07/2007. 8

11        Nell Beard. 9

12        Marie Beckham 4/22/2008. 9

13        Kathy Blankenship. 10

14        Charollete Bowen. 10

15        Robert Box – 6/26/2008. 10

16        Ann Brooks - Deceased. 10

17        Patti Brooks (Akkola) 4/13/2009. 10

18        Beverly Bruton. 11

19        Toni Bryant 11

20        Jerry Bullock – 6/01/2008. 11

21        Ronny Burleson. 12

22        Ronny Bush. 12

23        Barbara Butcher 12

24        Gyna Byrd (Ripp) – 6/18/2008. 12

25        Connie Cambron (COPPOLA) – 12/17/2007. 13

26        Tommy Christman – 12/10/2007. 14

27        Nina Coffman (Fraser) – 8/8/2008. 16

28        Richard Coley. 17

29        Dennis Collins. 17

30        Gary Cottinggame. 17

31        Duffy Cox. 17

32        Roy Crawford. 17

33        Gailene Cross. 17

34        Janet Crump. 17

35        Larry Daugherty. 17

36        Mary Ellen Daughton. 17

37        Judy Davis. 17

38        Barbara Defratus. 17

39        Rita Gregoria Degele. 17

40        Hubert Dophied - Deceased. 17

41        Ronda Douglas (Cellner) – 12/09/2007. 17

42        George Dowdrick. 18

43        Stanley Droegemier 18

44        Max Drum.. 18

45        Charles Wayne Dutton - Deceased. 18

46        Betty Ann Emerson (Andrews) –7/7/2008. 18

47        Betty Ferguson (Johnson) 5/03/2009. 18

48        Gracie Ferguson (Milne) – 9/13/2008. 19

49        Rachail Fesperman - Deceased. 20

50        Melvin Foster 20

51        Virginia Foreman - Deceased. 20

52        Vera Fox - Deceased. 20

53        Sandy Freels. 20

54        Martha Freeman. 20

55        Yvonne Fritts. 20

56        Sue Gameson (Roe) – 6/15/2008. 20

57        Don Ganter - Deceased. 21

58        Richard Garner 21

59        Linda Garvin. 21

60        T.C. Gattis – 1/24/2008. 21

61        Billy Ellis Gazaway. 22

62        Frank Geer - Deceased. 22

63        Robert Geer 22

64        Mike Gholson – 6/19/2008. 22

65        Carol Gies. 25

66        Harmon Goins - Deceased. 25

67        Betty Gouge. 25

68        Carolyn Green (Keith) – 7/10/2008. 25

69        Vera Haas - Deceased. 26

70        Adelle Hagan (McCarty) – 12/20/2007. 26

71        Donna Hale. 27

72        Grover Hale. 27

73        Tommy Hall 27

74        Bobbie Gean Haskins. 27

75        Wanda Hatridge (Howell) – 9/16/2008. 27

76        Jan Heath. 28

77        Billie Heironimus. 28

78        Jerry Don Henderson –12/05/2007. 28

79        Don Herd. 28

80        Jim Hightower 28

81        Jimmie Hite – 5/27/2008. 28

82        Larry Holder 29

83        Larry Holland. 29

84        Pat Hood (Barnhill) 29

85        Bill Hopkins - Deceased. 30

86        Robert Hurley. 30

87        Carol Hutchison (Ames) – 7/21/2008. 30

88        Jimmy Hyde – 12/17/2007. 30

89        Bobby Ingram - Deceased. 32

90        Brenda Johnson. 32

91        James T. Johnson. 32

92        Jimmy Dale Johnson - Deceased. 32

93        John J. Johnson. 32

94        Carol L. Jones. 32

95        Kay Jones. 32

96        Larry Jones - Deceased. 32

97        Linda Jones. 32

98        Patty Jones - Deceased. 32

99        Carl Kebert - Deceased. 32

100      Barbara Ann Kelly. 32

101      Lynda Kelly. 32

102      Lonnie Knowles. 32

103      Clifton Kuykendall 32

104      James D Kyle. 32

105      Anna Langston (Rizzo) 32

106      Bobby Lampton. 32

107      Regina Levinson (Wren) – 12/07/2007. 32

108      Joe Lofland – 8/17/2008. 33

109      Jimmy Lynch. 33

110      Pat Lynch. 33

111      Kenneth Marcum.. 34

112      Carolyn Martin. 34

113      Judy Massey. 34

114      Don Matlock. 34

115      Karla Margo May (Warborg) – 6/02/2008. 34

116      Melinda Mayes (Penn) – 12/07/2007. 35

117      Charles Middleton. 36

118      Paulla Miller (Bonnell) – 12/07/2007. 36

119      Craig Montague – 1/08/2009. 37

120      Carolyn Moore. 42

121      Charles Moore. 42

122      Winston Mosse. 42

123      John Munson. 42

124      Jeanell McAlister 42

125      Kathy McClure (Sturch) – 12/07/2007. 42

126      Johnnie McCraw - Deceased. 43

127      Stephan McHaney. 43

128      Roger McKee. 43

129      Bill McKeon. 43

130      Laura McLain. 43

131      Victor McMillen – 7/06/2008. 43

132      Judi Nastasi – 2/21/2008. 44

133      Barbara Nelson (Dettmann) – 12/06/2007. 44

134      Carol Newcomb (Taylor) – 12/19/2007. 47

135      Linda Newman. 48

136      Kay Nichols. 48

137      Herschell Ray Nix. 48

138      Michael Nix – 7/15/2008. 48

139      Jackie Oden. 49

140      Lazelle Odle (Weda) – 7/10/2008. 49

141      Robert Oliver - Deceased. 50

142      Stephen Otis. 50

143      Cynthia Overbeck. 50

144      Sue Palmer (Marino) – 12/08/2007. 50

145      Kay Parker 53

146      Paul Parkey. 53

147      Ralph Parks. 53

148      Ralph Patrick – Deceased. 53

149      George Payne. 54

150      Ralph Payne - 12/07/2007. 54

151      Donna Perrin. 55

152      Janice Poulter (Howell) – 6/19/2008. 55

153      Brian Powell 56

154      Leona Pugh. 56

155      Don Ramsey. 56

156      Ralph Raper -  Deceased. 56

157      Eddy Ray. 56

158      Johnny Ray – 1/15/2008. 56

159      Iva Lee Rayburn. 57

160      Alton Redwine. 57

161      Pat Reeves. 57

162      Bill Ridinger 57

163      Horace Roberson. 57

164      Linda Rowland. 57

165      Freddy Rucker - Deceased. 57

166      Mary Lou Russell 57

167      Bill Ruth. 57

168      Boyd Sawyer 57

169      Henry Schleuse. 57

170      Lois Scibeck (Dykton) – 6/18/2008. 57

171      Phillip Scoggin. 58

172      Marilyn Scott 58

173      Judy Seat (Lewis) – 5/26/2008. 58

174      Charles Shelby. 58

175      Dorothy Smith. 58

176      Erliene Smith. 58

177      Leslie Smith. 58

178      Sandra Smith (Lehner) – 6/10/2008. 58

179      Donald Staff 60

180      Sandra Steele. 60

181      Helen Steward. 60

182      Doris Stewart 60

183      Robert Stratton. 60

184      Charles Street 60

185      David Stripling. 60

186      Kenneth Summers. 60

187      Pat Sutton. 60

188      Kawatha Sweet - Deceased. 60

189      James Taylor 60

190      Keith Taylor 60

191      Richard Taylor - Deceased. 60

192      Bob Terrell – 12/15/2007. 60

193      David Terry. 61

194      John Terry. 61

195      Dave Thomas. 61

196      Ernest Thomas. 61

197      Howard Thomas  - (I lost the date REP) 61

198      Ronnie Thomas. 62

199      Judy Sampson Thompson. 62

200      Haskell Tilson. 62

201      Doris Tilton. 62

202      Gary Towers – 12/14/2007. 62

203      Damar Turnbull 63

204      Frank Vincent 63

205      Frances Walters. 63

206      Adelle Walthall (Christman) 63

207      Jo Weda. 63

208      Donna Williams – 12/26/2007. 63

209      Karen Williams. 64

210      Richard (Jimmy) Wilson. 64

211      Mary Gail Wineinger (Kolmer) – 12/15/2007. 64

212      Virginia Wineinger 65

213      Charles Withers. 65

214      Linda Wright 65

215      Sonia Wright – 12/19/2007. 65

216      Elaine Yeargan. 65



DHS 1961 Biographies



1         History

These biographies were compiled from emails starting in the Fall of 2007 and updated as new biographies were acquired. The first PDF file was distributed on or about 6/14/2008. I agreed to update and distribute a new PDF file periodically. The difference from one release to the next is in this table.





Ralph Payne

First release



Ralph Payne

Robert Box, Gyna Byrd, Sue Gameson, Mike Gholson

Vic McMillen, Lazelle Odle, Janice Poulter, Lois Scibeck

Carolyn Green


Ralph Payne

Betty Ann Emerson (should have added in prior update)


Ralph Payne

Mike Nix


Ralph Payne

Carol Hutchison


Ralph Payne

Nina Coffman


Ralph Payne

Joe Lofland


Ralph Payne

Grace Ferguson


Ralph Payne

Wanda Hatridge


Ralph Payne

Craig Montague, Ralph Patrick obit, Marie Beckham update, Betty Ferguson




2         Joyce Acheson

3         Jerry Allison

4         Bob Anderson – 12/07/2007

Well it appears that we are now into telling our life story (or at least our post 1961 life story) in a nutshell.  Hopefully this does not morph into true confessions.   After graduating from UT with my degree in Chemical Engineering I went to California to find my fame and fortune.  Found neither but did end up with a wife and twin daughters.  Being in the oil business (refining sector) we moved around living in LA; central California; Port Arthur, Tx; Ardmore, Ok; back to LA area; then several years in Saudia Arabia (me only as the family chose to remain in Ca).  After 17 years of, for the most part, blilssful married life I was single again.  Moved to Denver and got into the engineering side of the oil business.  Spent a couple of years there before the company decided to centralize the process side of the business in Houston.  Spent the next 15 years as a bachelor traveling around the world doing my "engineering thing" at various refineries.  Then while on assignment in South Korea I went hiking in the mountains and met a most worderful Korean gal (Young-hyun).  Now this was difficult to carry on any type of relationship with her in Korea and me based in Houston and traveling extensively.  Convinced the company that there was a requirement for a technical person in the asian area and Seoul would be the best location.  Moved to Seoul and spent nearly two years there before the asian crisis in 1997 resulted in the Seoul office shutting down.  Convinced Young-hyun to move to Houston and marry me.  Tomorrow we celebrate our 9th anniversary and later this month our daughter turns 8 and our son 4 (at least I got things in the right sequence).  Still traveling around the world but no long assignments anywhere and have been with the same company for ~ 22 years.  Overall family is 3 daughters (42, 42 & 8), 1 son (4), 2 grandsons (13 & 10), 1 granddaughter (10), 1 wife (not telling).  I remember as a kid one of my friends had an uncle that was younger than him and I had trouble understanding how that could be.  Well I now know.  For those of you who may have had my mother as a teacher she is now 91 and living in Denison and in good health.  Hopefully those genes were passed down.

People keep talking about retirement, what is that?


5         Lena Atnip

6         Audree Aynes

7         Nancy Baecht

8         Harold Ballou

9         Karen Barnes (Wilmot) – 2/21/2008

I, like the rest of you, have enjoyed reading all of the bios and the different pathes each of us has taken.  Here is my story.



After high school, I worked for a year and then went to Abilene Christian University for 2 years and then transferred to Texas Woman's University to pursue my degree in Speech Therapy.  After graduation I worked for the Dallas Independent School District for 3 years and then went to North Texas University to get my masters in Speech Pathology. After receiving for masters I worked for Dallas County Mental Health and Mental Retardation directing a speech and language program. 


In January, 1974, I met David Wilmot and we were married in May,1974.  David was born in South Africa, but grew up in Zimbabwe.  He went to University College London where he received his law and cpa degree.  He migrated to Canada, then Dallas,where we met. David refers to himself as a white African, but, now he is a naturalized Texan of sorts.  You can take the boy out of Africa but can't take the African out of the boy.


David's job transferred us to London in January,1975, and then in September 1975 our daughter was born.  David's parents and brother were living in London, so we enjoyed our time there with his family and friends.


We moved to Richardson, Tx in January,1977.  Our son was born in July,1977.  We have lived, worked, raised our family, attended church and participated in community activities since that time, except for a year in Atlanta, Georgia in 1986.


After being a stay at home Mom for 14 years, I returned to the work force.  We wanted and needed flight benefits, so I started working for American Airlines in 1989. We like to travel so this has been a great blessing for us.  I retired from AA in September, 2004.  I have opened an antique booth with an AA friend , this keeps me busy along with our other commitments and involvements in community and church.


My husband retired in August,2001 from Bank of America.  He has lain fallow for these 7 years and now is returning to the work force.  My daughter is 32, working, unmarried and no children and my son is 30, owns 2 businesses, unmarried and no children.  It looks like I am the only one without grandchildren.


We have a very blessed and full life.  I look forward to seeing you at the SF 09.


Karen Barnes Wilmot


10   Gene Barnhill – 12/07/2007

Nothing real real exciting with the Barnhill's (Pat Hood/Gene Barnhill)  Some of you may remember we were joined at the hip in high school..we still are, my hips are just bigger!  We will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary in March and have had a blessed life.  Gene retired from the Katy RR after a time in Palestine TX, we came back here  and he went to work for Lattimore Materials, as captain of their 52 ft. Bluewater corporate yacht, wining and dining customers out on Lake Texoma.  It was a fun fun job and if it was a coed party, I would help.  It was docked in a beautiful slip and we sometimes just wouldn't come home for days Gene began having some health issues and retired in 2000

 I guess you could call me a mini- Mrs. Trout.. was school secretary for 20 years, retiring in 2005.


In 66 we adopted a beautiful baby girl, 5 1/2 months later gave birth to a baby boy and 8 years later another homemade baby girl as JHenderson said/ They have been a blessing to us, all are successful, happy with families and living busy lives,  Our oldest Gina, 42 ,is a cancer survivor and she AND her oldest daughter will receive their RN degrees. this spring.  Guess you might say she followed Mom and Dad footsteps, met her all -the- way- thru- high -school -sweetheart at their 20th reunion and they will celebrate the 2nd wedding anniversary this spring.


The three have given us 11 gkids (22 to 7), 8 natural and 3 precious lil add-ons. Not such an 'exiting life', but we feel a truly truly blessed one.  Gene has had several close calls, but I still have him!


I don't know of a better way to feel the Christmas spirit, than this reconnecting we are doing.  Tom, I remember meeting your lovely wife at SF 07 along with your cute lil ones.  I can't believe your Mom is 91!  I was visiting a nursing home not too long ago, saw Mrs. Stevens, she will be 102. Saw some signs of dementia, but heck, wonder about myself sometime for we all know that sometime this year, we hit that big 65!  I'm looking for the jerk who went around telling everyone I'll be 65...every day in the mail is some medicare supplement adv.  ha ha


11   Nell Beard

12   Marie Beckham 4/22/2008

Life has been great with lots of ups and downs, mainly ups.  I'm like Gary Towers, I've been married for 41 years, but it took three to get there. It just takes some of us longer to get the right one.  Obviously, I don't believe in giving up.  Jack and I have been married for seventeen years and It's been good.  I met him in Austin, where I lived for 34 years, and married him two and one-half months later.  He has been the best one yet!


We retired in 1998, me from the Texas Department of Insurance, Insurance Specialist Health & Life, and Jack as a General Contractor.  Jack was orginally a Dallas boy and I tried to promote Denison as a place we might like to retire, but he wanted to stay in the hill country, so here we are in Kerrville.  I love it, but it did take me time to adjust to a small town again after living in the city. We moved here in July 1999.    


I have one son, Dale Dingley, Jr. and he has two children, Jasmin 15 and Jerad 11.  They live in Bastrop, Texas.  Dale works for the Hyatt Hotel Corporation.  


Since retiring I have become an avid walker and have done many a 10k walk in the hill country and west Texas.  I belong to the American Volksport Ass'n. and we are blessed to have a great group of walkers here in Kerrville.  Also, I volunteer two days a week at the Humane Society's Thrift Shop.  My dog, Bridget, and I do pet therapy several times a month at local resthomes and pre-k schools.  

We live on five acres and took on the project of remodeling our home.  I guess that will keep us busy for awhile.  Ha!Ha!


I recently was in touch with Doris Stewart Wren and she told me that she had come up on you and Gene sometime back at the horse races in Louisiana.  She was thrilled to see ya'll.  She is living in Antlers, Oklahoma.  


I would love to hear from others in our class.  I guess as you age, you want to go back home.  So feel free to pass on my e-mail address as well as my mailing address.  Keep in touch.  Marie


Update received 4/27/2009

This is an addendum to my original bio.


After graduation from DHS, I attended Texas Woman's University for five semesters as a business major.  I married an Aggie from Sherman, Dale Dingley, in December 1963 and moved to A&M in January 1964. We had our only child, Dale, Jr., in September 1964.  Dale, Sr. graduated in 1965 and we moved to Austin.  Dale was employed by the Texas Department of Health and I went to work in the State Senate.  Dale and I divorced in 1974, and I took a job that year with the Texas Department of Insurance in the Workers Compensation Division.  I remarried in 1975, and moved to Bastrop County.  In 1980, my husband and I bought the Western Auto dealership in Bastrop, Texas.  I continued to work in Austin during the week, but in the evenings, I did the bookkeeping at the store and on Saturdays I worked the floor.  In 1983, we closed the business.  In 1984, I was blessed to get a job as an Insurance Specialist (Health & Life) in the newly created Consumer Protection Division.  My second husband exited the scene in 1989, and I vowed that I would remain single.  After two divorces, I felt like there wasn't a decent man in existence.  Well needless to say, I was wrong and  a good Christian man, Jack Tiner, entered the picture in October 1990.  We married three months later and after eighteen years we're doing just fine.  It just takes some of us a little longer to find the right one. 




13   Kathy Blankenship

14   Charollete Bowen

15   Robert Box – 6/26/2008

June 26, 2008

Most of you probably don’t remember me, as my parents moved to Denison from Bonham, Texas in 1960 the middle of my junior year.

 My senior year I had blind date with Sheila Trout (class of 1962) at our Senior Prom. It was love at first sight I guess you can say, because we ended up getting married in 1963 & we just celebrated our 45th Wedding Anniversary, June 7th.

Sheila & I moved to Dallas & had only one daughter, Deborah in 1964.

I went to work for American Airlines & retired from there in 2003 with 37-years service. It was a blessing for me to work there since we have had the opportunity to travel almost all over the world & wouldn’t have been able to do so other wise.

Some of the hobbies I have enjoyed while traveling are scuba diving & sailing.

You can say I didn’t find my calling until 1970 when I became an ordained minister, & was licensed in 2001.

You can say we have had a blessed life & we now do Campground Ministry. I have been Chaplain & President for Campers for Christ Ministries the past 8 years. We have R.V. & travel all over U.S. holding services in campgrounds. We try to stay gone most of the time seeing the country & enjoying life!!

Our daughter didn’t give us a grandchild until she was 40 years old. So now here we are in Hurst, Texas & still traveling & enjoying our 4-year-old granddaughter, Robyn. I can see why we have children when we are young & not wait until we are in our 60’s!!

Robert Box


16   Ann Brooks - Deceased

17   Patti Brooks (Akkola) 4/13/2009

Dennis Akkola and I have been married almost 35 years - second marriage for both of us.  We have two sons
and their families (a grandson and a granddaughter to spoil).  After graduating with my two degrees (Accounting
and Computer Science), I stayed busy with my CPA career wherever we lived.  I earned my masters degree from
the University of Colorado in 1991.  During Dennis's career with the FDIC, we made several moves - Oklahoma City,
Denver, Dallas, and New York City.  His office in Manhattan was about four blocks from the World Trade Center
and he was at work the tragic day that the buildings went down.  A year later (Dec 2002), Dennis took early
retirement and we moved closer to family.  We live in Houston now and we love it here.  We stay busy with family,
our Methodist Church, volunteer work, golf, travel, and just enjoying the good life!   

18   Beverly Bruton

19   Toni Bryant

20   Jerry Bullock – 6/01/2008

From Jerry Bullock (bullmdjd@aol.co)
 Well, here goes.  I have enjoyed reading about my old friends, and about some I’m trying to remember, but up to now I have failed to contribute my own story.  Sorry about that.
 I left Denison after graduation, and worked my way through college as a lab tech at Parkland Hospital.  I’m thankful to Coach Bill Blankenship and ICT at Denison High, who got me on the road to getting an education and getting into medicine.  Chloe (Hall) and I married the following year, immediately after her graduation in the class of 1962, and amazingly, in spite of some major bumps in the road, are still together.  I really should say we’re back together, because we got mad and split up for several years about a century ago.  It really is better the second time around.  Today is the 46th anniversary of our first wedding.
 While I was at Parkland, I did Lee Harvey Oswald’s blood count when he was shot, and still have the microscope slides with his blood.  I finished at Arlington State (now UTA) in ‘65, and went to medical school at UTMB, Galveston.  We had our first two babies in Galveston.  During medical school I worked as a lab tech, at St. Mary’s and John Sealy Hospitals.  Still needing funds, I joined the USAF my junior year.  I was on active duty for ten years, finishing as Lt Col.  I never went overseas, only Galveston, San Antonio, and Omaha.  We went to San Antonio for my Ob/Gyn residency, and Chloe went to nursing school while we were there.  Sounds like “all work, no play?”  Well, not completely - I did go to two social events during undergrad - one basketball game and one party.  But I enjoyed what I was doing, as I always have.
 We had a daughter (now Amy Bradley, RN, a school nurse in southeast Houston, wife of an anesthesiologist and mother of 4) while I was a 2nd year medical student, and a son while I was a senior (Russell, now an 8th grade math teacher, husband of Patty and father of one daughter).  I did 4 years Air Force payback after residency, at SAC headquarters, in Omaha, Nebraska, then went back home to Denison for a few years.
 Practicing in Denison was very special.  Your home town is the only place in the world where you can walk down main street and run into your old high school friends.  But when the unofficial  “Committee to Keep Denison Small” succeeded in blocking air conditioning for Denison ISD, we left, and I moved around awhile before I settled in Conroe.  I taught at several medical schools in the meantime, in Texas and North Carolina, and as a mid-life crisis move, started law school at age 47.  I got the degree, but never really practiced law.  It has helped me a lot with medical-legal consulting, etc, though.  I’ve done a lot of medical malpractice consulting and expert witness work over the years.  Now, I review cases for the Texas Medical Board.  When obstetricians in Texas have a lot of malpractice cases, or complaints, I’m one of the docs who review the cases for the Board, to see if malpractice occurred.
 In Omaha, in the Air Force, we had our third child, Emily (now Emily Bullock, MD, wife of Armando Sotelo, and mother of probably my last grandchild, Chloe).  Emily is also an obstetrician and my partner in practice for the past 2 years.  It has been a real life rejuvenation, working with my daughter.  We practice in Conroe, Texas, just north of Houston.  We live in The Woodlands, within a couple of miles of Emily and her family, and Russell and his.  Amy is about 55 miles away.
 Chloe (big Chloe, that is) and I have six grandchildren, all living within 55 miles.  I love my wife, my family, my job, my hobbies, and my God.  I’ve done most everything you can do in the way of hobbies at one time or another, but have settled on wood carving and wood sculpture.  I’ve actually sold a couple of carvings, believe it or not.  I’ve carved scenes from 9-11, Texas and American flags, and various realistic human hands, as well as all the little stuff you carve to get experience.  I write some poetry - not much, but I have gotten one published.  Talk about a would-be Renaissance man! 
 My cardiac health limits me to one flight of stairs at a time, and some days less than that, since my quadruple bypass 31/2 years ago.  I’m diabetic, hypertensive, moderately (?) obese, and bald, but Chloe still seems to love me and I am still truly thrilled to come home to her every night.  I don’t know where I’d be if we hadn’t gotten together.  Many of you know some of my brothers, and I might have gone the same direction as they, but for Chloe’s influence.  I’ve had some wonderful ups and some horrendous downs, but in balance, I have loved my life, and feel very blessed. 
 I am so thankful to those of you who got this ball rolling, and look forward to next year’s Spring Fling.  I have many fond childhood memories of Loy Lake and of Denison, and am anxious to re-visit. 


Gerald L. Bullock, MD, JD
83 E. Slatestone Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77382


21   Ronny Burleson

22   Ronny Bush

23   Barbara Butcher

24   Gyna Byrd (Ripp) – 6/18/2008

(The “you” is Pat Hood. REP)

Where are you living?  I saw in your note that you were not too far from me at one time.  After we graduated, I went to New Orleans to live with my parents and met my husband, Farrell Ripp, there.  We married in 1962 and have four children - Jay (Farrell, Jr) who is 44, Candace (who died 6 years ago at age 36), Laurel who just turned 40 and Brett who is 36.  Jay has 3 sons and they live in Austin.  Candy was a Nashville police officer killed in the line of duty 12/8/01.  She had one daughter who now lives in Kilgore, TX with her husband and 2 1/2 year old son.  Laurel lives just down the road from us on Lake Tyler and has 3 little girls - Gyna - 8, Claire Marie - 6, and Truleigh - 4.  She is an homeschooling mom and rides horses so she is busy all the time.  Brett is a hard charging Marine who is on his third tour of dury in Iraq.  He's supposed to get to come home in mid August.  He has 3 children who live in Corpus Christi.  So, we have 10 grands and 1 great-grand and right now 7 of them are here which makes life pretty noisy and hectic.  My husband is retired but I am still working (for the insurance).  I worked for 25 years for a surgeon and we closed our office in November, 2001.  My boss came to work at the Caldwell Zoo because his wife is Harriet Caldwell and she and her brother inherited the Zoo.  After Candy died, I didn't do well at home so he got me out here.  It's a wonderful change from the world of medicine.  Not nearly as much pressure.  I'm trying to hang in there for another year to get my maximum social security.  I'm into scrapbooking and quilting.  Mike's sister, Patty, has a quilt shop in Windsor, CO so I go there every year and we have a quilting marathon.  It sure was great to hear from you and I'll write more later.  Gyna

25   Connie Cambron (COPPOLA) – 12/17/2007























26   Tommy Christman – 12/10/2007

This was written Adelle Walthall. 

Tom and I have so enjoyed hearing from our class of '61.  I thought I would add ours.


My father was transferred to Denison in 1960.  I had lived in the same house in Waco all of my life and here I was to move my senior year of high school.  I was a little fearful and yet excited.  Well, you all made my senior year the best.


My favorite memory was when some of the senior girls were asked to model clothes, from one of the dept. stores, at the Sherman Municipal Auditorium during school hours.  I remember Melinda Mayes was one of those with us.  It was the day that Eisenhower Marina was being dedicated.  After the event, instead of going back to school, we decided it would be more fun to go to the festivities at the lake.  Unfortunately, so did the principal, superintendent, and school board members of the school.  We were caught and told to report to the Principal's office the next morning.  Melinda sat under the picture of the school with her father's name on it as the architect.  We were reprimanded and given an "F" for all classes missed that day.  I never spoke up, as I had two study halls for that time period !!!!!


Tom and I started dating in April of '61.  We went to the senior day in Okla. and I remember us dancing, he let go of my hand, and I landed on a bank of metal folding chairs knocking them all down.  Ouch!   However, never one to give up, he asked me to the prom and that night gave me his senior ring.  That started a series of events that has led to 46 years of a wonderful life together.


Tom was one of two boys from our class recruited from high school for one of the banks in town.  He had worked since he was 12 in retail (Piggly Wiggly) and decided that sit down work in the bank was not his forte.  Having a desire to serve his country, he joined the Army for a 3 yr. stint. My Dad in the meantime had been transferred to Dallas as soon as we had graduated.  Tom going into the army did not sit well with my family and so I decided to move out of my home and Charlotte Bowen and I moved into an apartment off of Gaston Ave. in Dallas.  She was working for the phone company and I was going to business school at Draughon's in downtown Dallas.   Tom did basic training in Colorado, and 2 schools afterward in Georgia and Lackland AFB in San Antonio.  In April of '62 he was to report for his first duty station at a Nike Base in Maryland on the eastern shore.  My sisters decided to give me a wedding before he left, and so we were married in a very small ceremony at Axe Memorial Meth. church in Garland in May and I moved to Maryland two months later after he was settled.


Our daughter Cheryl was born in Aug. of 1963 in Maryland.  Tom was asked by his superior officers to apply for OCS and he did.  However, when we were scheduled to get out after his 3 years of duty, he still had not heard anything about being accepted and did not want to re-up not knowing.  We went to Baltimore to get our final papers on the way back to Texas.  The paper work was in our final papers.  He had been accepted but it was too late as we had already signed our paperwork.  Had he gone to OCS we are pretty sure he would not be here today, as he would have gone directly to Vietnam after graduating.


We returned to Texas and decided to locate in Arlington, Texas where Tom would enroll in college the next semester.  He needed a job in the meantime and went to downtown Arlington and saw the JCPenney store and being familiar with that, went in and applied for a job.  That began a 25 year career with JCPenney's that took us to a store in Dallas, opened the new Irving Mall, transferred to Six Flags Mall, Northeast Mall, district office in Dallas, and in 1983 became the manager of the store in Sherman at Sher-Den Mall.  We left Sherman in 1986 to manage a very large store in San Antonio and then later to New Mexico.  We left the company in 1989 and moved back to Sherman.  In 1994 we bought a business in San Antonio and lived there until we sold the business in 2000 and retired at the age of 57.


In 1967 our son, Tom Jr. was born while we were living in Arlington.  Tom was born with Spina Bifida and was the light of our life.  He had over 60 major surgeries during his life.  We were told when he was born to let him die, as he would be blind, retarded and not able to function physically or mentally.  Well, he proved everyone wrong as he graduated from Sherman High School with honors, was a Presidental Scholar for a year at Grayson County College and then graduated with his degree from UTSA.  He went on to get his Masters of Science at North Texas University in Accounting and became a CPA.  Wow, what a testimony he had to all.  He was so close to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He would often say, that God did not make mistakes.  He was born just as God had planned and he lived his life just that way.  When we bought our business in 1994, Tom moved to San Antonio to be closer to us.  He eventually came into our business in 1999 and thrilled Tom to no end to have his son with him in the day to day running of the business. 


Cheryl in the meantime graduated with her RN degree from Texas Women's University, went back to TCU and graduated with her Masters degree and is now a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) and works at Baylor University Hosp. in Dallas.  She and her husband have 2 children, 18 and 15 and live in Luella.


In 1998 our beloved son, Tom, passed away from a seizure in his sleep.  We can never express enough our sorrow and yet our excitement that he no longer has to suffer and is with his Lord, as I write this.  We as his parents and family will see him again, when we also go to meet our Lord.  We miss his sweet smile, his humor, his love for all of us, his fortitude in keeping on - even though he had to wear braces, did not have bowel or bladder control, had shunts to drain the fluid on his brain, and too other numerous problems to mention.  It makes me not want to complain whenever I have a small problem. 


In light of Tom's passing, Tom and I sold our business and traveled for 3 years in our diesel motorhome.  We eventually bought 30 acres in Denison and finally built our home in 2004.  We have accumulated 4 horses, 2 donkey, 3 cows, 5 dogs, 2 cats, ducks, ponds, and chickens.  I laugh that all of them are lawn ornaments.  We have named them all and could not part with any of them.  What ranchers we have become!  Ha!


Sorry for the long letter.  Hope it does not put any of you to sleep.  I feel that I am the luckiest person in the world to have come to DHS my senior year, fell in love with the best senior in the class and have lived the life of my dreams.


27   Nina Coffman (Fraser) – 8/8/2008


After I graduated in 1961, I married Glen Taul. We moved to Greenville, TX  then to Atlanta, GA. We actually moved back to Dallas for a while then back to Atlanta then to Greenville, SC. When we divorced I moved back to Atlanta. We have one son David and two lovely granddaughters. Sierra is 17 and Abby is 13. David lives in Wichita, KS and the girls live in Centerton, AR.


In 1976 I married again and moved from Atlanta to Tallahassee, FL. My 2nd husband was a broadcaster and we moved from Florida to Providence, RI. After our divorce I moved to Boston where I lived for almost 10 years. I loved New England but the winters were really too cold for a Texas girl with no fur coat so I moved back to Atlanta (guess that’s no surprise by now!) in 1989. So, this is where I’ve been since then except for 3 years I spent traveling in an RV.


28   Richard Coley

29   Dennis Collins

30   Gary Cottinggame

31   Duffy Cox

32   Roy Crawford

33   Gailene Cross

34   Janet Crump

35   Larry Daugherty

36   Mary Ellen Daughton

37   Judy Davis

38   Barbara Defratus

39   Rita Gregoria Degele

40   Hubert Dophied - Deceased

41   Ronda Douglas (Cellner) – 12/09/2007

I was working and living in Dallas in an apartment rooming with Barbara Points and met this guy, Jim in 1964, that drove a beautiful fire-engine red convertible, and he happen to live in the apartment below us. We were married a year later and living in Houston. When Melinda and Bob came to Rice University we were invited to their funky little garage apartment. That Melinda mentioned in her message, it was very enjoyable and with lot's of laughs!

In December of 1966, Jim's job with Texas Instruments transferred us to England. Our first child (Kandi) was born in July 1967. Later in the year we received an envelope in the mail "We're Coming, We're Coming, We're Coming"!!! This was then followed by a letter from Melinda, stating that she had won a trip to England through a contest in the Houston Chronicle. They came and stayed with us. Then later we received another envelope "We're Coming, We're Coming, We're Coming"!!! with news that they were going to be living in Bangor Wales. We were so excited! We traveled to Wales and stayed with them. Our room where we slept was only big enough for a mattress, it was wall to wall! Again, we had a lot of fun and laughs! Plus, we did have another home cooked meal! and it was delicious!

Our second child (Doug) was born in June 1969, so we have two Brits. We spent four years in England and loved every minute of it. Made some dear friends there and still keep in touch at Christmas time. On our way back we were going to leave in style traveling on a cruise ship. But low and behold there was a fire, we were towed back in after 8 hours in life jackets to Southampton and stayed for two weeks in "dry dock". After two weeks of traveling and sight seeing at the expense of the cruise ship, they still didn't know how long the repair might take. We decided we best fly home. And to this day we have never taken another cruise.

Upon returned we settled in Meadows Place, Texas. Little did I know I was expecting our third child (Rodney) born in April 1971. After our children were old enough I decided to go to work. I worked 23 years for Ft. Bend School District before retiring. Jim retired from Texas Instruments after 30 years, worked as Videographer for 13 years. Now working as an Officer with Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Now we are enjoying our five grandchildren ages 10 thought 5, one girl and four boys. They all live in the Houston area, we are blessed to be very involved in their growing up. Jim's mother lived across the street from us for 18 years before her death at 93 years of age. My parents, Ralph and Lamoyan Douglas live ten houses down from us on Brook Meadows Ln. My sister Karen Douglas Patterson lives in San Antonio and is able to come and visit real often. Every things well on Brook Meadows Lane.


42   George Dowdrick

43   Stanley Droegemier

44   Max Drum

45   Charles Wayne Dutton - Deceased

46   Betty Ann Emerson (Andrews) –7/7/2008

I married the love of my life after knowing each other for exactly two months, to the date......Oct. 20th, blind date (always hated blind dates) and we were married Dec. 20th.......Now it has been almost 40 years........I think we kind of beat the odds, on short term relationships.    When we married I moved all the way from Yellow Jacket country to Sherman Bearcat country...........and now we are living in the Lions country in McKinney.......During that time, we had a  short (thank goodness) stint in Corpus Christie.........I must say it was like living in a whole different world, the one good thing about it was the ocean was close.  We have lived in McKinney now for 18 years.    

We, like so many others, have had good times, sad time and all that fits in between..   Health has been an issue for me, on several occasions, but I am still kicking, so that is a great thing..... I have two children a son (Brett) who has his Masters and is in the educational field in Frisco, he and his  wife have  four children....My daughter (Courtney) lives in McKinney and is a Pharmaceutical Rep. she and her husband have a  precious 3 year old tiny terror........I have two stepdaughters and two step grandsons, all of whom we love and cherish.

Your Class Mate of 61

Betty Emerson Andrews

47   Betty Ferguson (Johnson) 5/03/2009

I know some of you wonder who I am,so here goes. I grew up on Sears St. in Denison and attended Central Ward school, Denison Jr. Hi. and our sophmore year at DHS. The summer of 1959, just before our Jr. year started,we moved to Greenville.  I did not like that town and I sure didn't like school, but had no choice. In the spring of 1962 we came back to Denison, but too late for school. So if you look for me, the only annual I am in is 1959. And I never had my pic made for the Greenville annual.
So, here I am ,still in Denison and loving it. Had a bit of trouble with the men in my life, but after two lost causes, I married Cal Johnson and got it right. We have been married 24 years, retired five years ago and did some traveling but Cal is now 100% disabled Viet-Nam vet and it is hard for us to do much going , so we stay home and enjoy life.

I have three children, a son and two daughters. Five grand children and seven great-grand children. Quite a lot of family for an only child raised with parents and an aunt. Finding out what I missed .

I am so glad this re-connect was started and that everyone let me be a part of it even though I didn't graduate here. I have so enjoyed the two Spring Flings we have had and the Girls of '61 luncheons are not to be missed. All of you that are close enough need to be sure you are here.

My e-mail is canbjohnson@sbcglobal.net and I would like to hear from all of you.



48   Gracie Ferguson (Milne) – 9/13/2008

Hi Pat,

Had no idea who owned this email address until Haskell Tilson asked me if I had RSVP'd the high school reunion to Pat.  I said no I didn't have your email address and he gave me yours and I discovered I had been deleting it as junk mail or possible virus.  I'll be attending the reunion and looking forward to seeing everyone again.

I'm Grace Ferguson Milne and attended Dension the last half of my senior year.  My fondest high school memories are those spent at Denison.  I left Texas shortly after graduation and returned to Arizona.  Subsequently married and after 5 years and 2 children later found myself a single parent.  I remained single until my kids were out of high school and by then I was set in my ways and most men considered me too independent and resoursefull for their taste.  I have recently retired from American Airlines and now embarking on a new career where ever that may be.  Have one son and daughter.  My daughter is married and have my 3 grandchildren. 

It has been so much fun reading the emails and seeing classmates names long forgotten.  Leslie Reichert told me about the reunion and when she was working at American she shared her yearbook with me.  It was a joy to reconnect with her.  Haskel and I have been in touch for some time now and he updates me from time to time.

Now that I know your email address is real, I won't be deleting it without opening it.

Take care,
Grace Ferguson Milne

49   Rachail Fesperman - Deceased

50   Melvin Foster

51   Virginia Foreman - Deceased

52   Vera Fox - Deceased

53   Sandy Freels

54   Martha Freeman

55   Yvonne Fritts

56   Sue Gameson (Roe) – 6/15/2008

It was so much fun to visit with everyone that I could locate at the last reunion, but still missed seeing some that were unable to attend.  The late evening gabfest at the hotel was "priceless"--noone wanted to leave!  I think most of us almost fell asleep in the chairs!!!
I left Denison to attend college at TWU and later married and taught in Irving for 3 yrs. After graduate school I moved to Illinois where I taught for a total of about 10 yrs--jr.high and high school--public and private schools and mental health facilities. Somewhere in those years was the arrival of my daughter and son; more graduate school; and the exiting of husband! I later moved into Mental Health Administration with a hospital that was affiliated with a medical school and was challenged to the max!  Actually those 5 yrs were some of the most stimulating times of my life, but it was draining and I was trying to reevaluate my life and rediscover who I was then.  The years of being a single working mom were unbelievably busy and they seem a blur now.  We had no role model to help guide us nor was there any how-to-books. Luckily, I had a great group of friends that helped me through!    I remarried and became step mom to 4 more children-some grown.  It was a whole new world with new adjustments and new way of life that was rich in family and grounded in solid values.  When he died of cancer, my world was shattered and once again and I needed to make a new start.  It was very difficult to leave that world, but I needed to provide for the kids so I moved back to Texas and to be near my own family.
I taught in Sherman for several years and had just about "given up on guys" when I met Tom. We have been married for almost 24 years.  We raised his two plus my two children.  He sold large group health insurance to corporations and I taught public school, ran an educational clinic for children with learning disabilities, taught in a correctional facility, and directed a literacy lab for adults on probation for Ft. Bend County during those years.  We were frequently moved around to different parts of the country and the last move landed us outside of Houston in Richmond.   Then that phone call that no parent ever wants to hear, came to our house.  Our son, who was a Jr. in college, was killed by a drunk driver.  It was and still is a very dark time for us and a time for questioning your reason for living.  I know that some of you have had similar experiences and you know the pain and hurt!  It has been a difficult walk, but we are finally on the other side now.  We appreciate and love each other and our family at a deeper level and count as a blessing each day of precious life.
We have a daughter living in Vail; son(a pilot) in Atlanta; son in Lubbock (works for Tex. Tech) and 5 grandchildren.  We retired early and keep busy with the yard and church activities. I finally have returned to oil painting and do murals or custom paintings between traveling and keeping up with family.  As that young girl in 1961 I would have never dreamed of some of the twist and turns that my life was destined to take. I would have never chosen some of the paths!! But I firmly believe that our paths are directed by God for greater purposes than we can imagine.  I hold onto that belief.  
I do so want to hear from all of you! 

Sue Gameson Roe


57   Don Ganter - Deceased

58   Richard Garner

59   Linda Garvin

60   T.C. Gattis – 1/24/2008

I am the fourth child of a family of eight children.  I grew up on a farm three miles west of Pottsboro. Since there were always chores to do on the farm I did not participate in many extra curricular activities while attending Denison High School.  However, these were exciting times for a country farm boy!  I was near speechless in the presence of many of the girls from Denison.  Carol Gies, Pat Hood, Sue Gameson, just to name a few.


I was motivated by the endless chores that needed to be done on the farm to attend college and get an education.  Following graduation at Denison High School, I enrolled at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.  I received my BS degree in Mechanized Agriculture in 1967.  While at Tech, I met and married Judy Tapp before graduation. 


I started my career in agri-business with Allis Chalmers as a district representative.  I traveled the Texas Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico territory.  During the ten years I worked with Allis Chalmers we lived in Amarillo, Plainview and Arlington.  In Arlington I was Regional Sales Manager responsible for establishing new dealerships in Texas and New Mexico.  While on a trip with the company to Rome, Italy I was given the opportunity to become partners in the dealership in Plainview.  We moved back to Plainview in 1976 and became partners in JMS Equipment, a farm implement dealership where we have lived since then. 


Judy and I have two children.  Our daughter is an elementary teacher in Elgin, TX.  She and her husband have three daughters.  Our son lives in Plainview and is a Farmers Insurance Agent.  He and his wife have two children, a girl and boy.  The greatest rewards for not killing our kids as they grew up are the five grandchildren!  Judy is a breast cancer survivor and is doing well.  We are looking forward to retirement and traveling in the next few years.


It is good to hear from all of you!  Billie Byrd Heironimus and Phillip Rogers (class of ’60), Ralph Payne and I went to church at Pottsboro.  We shared many experiences.  I have not seen any one since the 21-year class reunion in 1981!




61   Billy Ellis Gazaway

62   Frank Geer - Deceased

63   Robert Geer

64   Mike Gholson – 6/19/2008

Where do I start? After graduation in ’61, I moved to Midland, TX with my family. My dad being a preacher, we moved a lot.


I got a basketball and track scholarship to Pasadena College and was off to see the world. That lasted 1 year because I lost my scholarship because they caught me smoking. I came home and attended Odessa Jr College for 2 years and decided I wanted to make some money so I quit school.


In March, ’65 I knew the draft was close on my tail so I joined the reserves. After completing my basic training and tech school I returned to Midland. I got a job as a draftsman for an oil company (thanks to Jock Malone’s mechanical drawing classes). I got married in March, ’66 to a lady that had a 2 year old daughter (the light of my life). I took her everywhere I went.


I went to work for TI in the fall of ’66 as a computer operator. In April, ’67 we had another daughter. In my spare time at work, I watched one of the technicians and got accepted to the TI maintenance school in Dallas. We packed up and moved in the summer of ’68. After completion of the school in Dec, ’68 I got transferred to New Orleans. We moved there and had a son born in August, ’69. He arrived after the giant hurricane Camille hit the Gulf coast. We had winds in excess of 125 miles per hour. To say the least, I made a promise not to ride out another hurricane.


Later that fall, TI decided to shut down the operation in New Orleans so I was transferred back to Dallas where I joined the semiconductor group. I moved my way up from a line technician to shift supervisor where I was responsible for the Raytheon Poseidon project and then later on the Viking project when we had parts in the lunar land rover on the moon. During the next 2 years I attended East Texas State University working toward a business degree. I worked nights and went to school in the daytime. Thankfully I could study at work.


In early ’74 I got a divorce after 8 years. In March of that year I was asked to go the El Salvador to help TI start up a plant down there. I trained operators, technicians and supervisors. I was there for a year and really enjoyed to culture and people.


In June, ’76 I married a wonderful lady named Evelyn who was teaching school in Irving. In August of that year, I got a job with Harris Semiconductor in Melbourne, FL so off we go.


I took over a line that was totally out of control. One of my strengths is being able to turn things around. After getting that line running smoothly, I was transferred to another line having problems. That one also turned around. This time I was rewarded for my hard work and was offered a job a manufacturing manager for yet another troubled line. After a year, this one also turned around. During the time in Florida I took some courses and transferred them to East Texas. Still trying to get a degree.


In late ’76 we decided we were tired of Florida and I was offered a job as manufacturing manager in Fort Collins, CO with NCR who was opening a new factory. We move up there in October. Does this starting up new factories start to sound familiar? This was a smooth start up and everything was up and running in a short time.


In January, ’81 I got an offer from a company in Colorado Springs. You guessed it, another start-up. This one also went smoothly but I had a problem with my boss. We just didn’t see eye to eye on how things should be run. An old friend from TI days was the engineering manager and offered me a job as an engineer. I was sent to California to oversee a subcontractor that was building parts for us. This lasted for 4 months. Then it was off to Korea to oversee a start-up of another subcontractor. For the next 2 years I would spend 10 weeks twice per year in Korea.


In Jan, ’84 Evelyn and I moved to Seoul, Korea for a 2 year assignment. I was responsible for all engineering, production and quality for Asia. This included factories in Hong Kong, Manila, Philippines, Japan and Taiwan. At the end of ’84 we were transferred to Taipei, Taiwan for the remainder of ’85.


We returned to Colorado Springs and lived there until Oct, ’88. I finally got my degree in business management in Dec, ’86. It only took 25 years but I now have it. Didn’t help me much money wise since I was already up the money ladder but it was just the satisfaction of completing it.


I was offered a job as engineering manager for all subcontractors for Motorola in Tempe, AZ. I had responsibility for 32 subs in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Spain and Portugal.


Talk about a lot of travel, I got to see some truly remarkable sights on someone else’s money. I was gone once a quarter for 3 to 4 weeks at a time just fixing problems. This was a very rewarding time for me.


In Oct, 01 I got laid off from Motorola after 13 years. God took care of me and I got a job with one of the subcontractors I had worked with in the Philippines. I was hired as the VP of sales and marketing for the US. I did this until the end of ’05 when I just got tired of the rat race so I retired.


Since retiring, I have learned to cook and I’m a Sous Chef for a cooking school. I work there a couple of days a week. I am on the board of directors of United Food Bank which takes a couple of days a week. What fun working to feed the hungry. I’m involved in fund raising which I love. I’m on the building committee and elder nominating committee at our church. I also usher on Sunday mornings. I attend 2 Bible studies each week. In my spare time I don’t do anything. Ha.


Evelyn retired in June, ’07 and we enjoy playing golf, cooking and traveling. Retirement is Great!! God has really blessed us to be able to do this and also give back some of our blessings.


I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. Life is good.


Sorry for such a long bio but a lot has happened in 47 years.


I’ve enjoyed reading the other bio’s.


By the way, do you know what happened to Mike Jordan?


Mike Gholson

480-756-2561 Home

602-300-8862 Mobile



65   Carol Gies

66   Harmon Goins - Deceased

67   Betty Gouge

68   Carolyn Green (Keith) – 7/10/2008

Carolyn (Green) Keith

5 Spring Cove

Maumelle, Arkansas 72113

Phone: 501-851-4158 e-mail: w.e.keith@att.net


Two weeks after graduation Sue Gameson and her boyfriend David Groves introduced me to David’s friend from Wichita Falls, TX who was working with David during the summer on Lake Texoma for the Texas Game and Fish. His name was William E. Keith Jr. but his family called him Sonny.


A year later in June 1962 we were married and moved to Fayetteville, AR. I worked as a telephone operator for Southwestern Bell to help put Sonny through graduate School. After graduation Sonny began working for Arkansas Game and Fish Commission as a fisheries biologist. In 1964 we moved to Little Rock where our first daughter, Machelle, was born. The next year we moved to Hot Springs and in 1967 our second daughter, Tamra was born. In 1971 we moved back to Little Rock where Sonny completed 20 years of service with the Game and Fish Commission. He later transferred to the Arkansas Dept. of Environmental Quality. He retired in 2003 with a total of 40 years service with the State of Arkansas.


During this period I worked for the Little Rock public schools, for 13 ½ years and with a law firm for 5 ½ years. I “retired” when my first grandchild, Rachel, was born in 1994. I actually didn’t retire, I quit when they wouldn’t let me off work to go to Pennsylvania when my first grandchild was born or during her first visit to Little Rock, Our second grandchild, Andrew was born in 1998 and in 2004 twin boys, Luke and John were born. All four belonging to our youngest daughter Tamra. They live in York, PA so we visit them three or four times a year. Our oldest daughter and her husband live only six miles from us. Eight years ago we moved to Maumelle, a suburb of Little Rock. On June 3, 2008, we celebrated 46 years of marriage. 


My mother is almost 96 and still lives in Denison. My hobby is making scrapbooks for the grandkids and myself. I am active in The General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Arkansas and I play Bunko once a month with eleven other women. We have a five year old Yorkshire Terrier named Piddles who goes everywhere with us, she also flies with us to Pennsylvania.


69   Vera Haas - Deceased

70   Adelle Hagan (McCarty) – 12/20/2007

Pat, I'm sending this to you to forward on to everyone as I can't seem to get all the addresses in my contact file.


It is really fun to hear about the lives of our classmates after all these years.  My story may sound somewhat boring compared to many others, but life has been mostly good and for that I am very grateful.


My Dad was transferred to Ennis, Texas in 1961 and we moved to Ennis the summer after graduation. Ennis is a small town south of Dallas on I-45.  I worked in Dallas and in 1962 married Bob Ueberroth (stationed at Perrin AFB).  We moved to Dallas when he got out of the Service and later made our home in Ennis where I've been since then.  Our son, Lance, was born in 1965 and daughter, Joy, in 1968.  Bob and I divorced in January '79 and I married Jerry McCarty in December '79.  We just celebrated our 28th anniversary.


Jerry is an attorney (one of the good, honest ones) and for 41 years was the primary and managing partner of his own law firm here in Ennis.  Last year he retired from the firm but continues as in-house legal counsel for one of his clients, an oil and gas distribution company.  I'm not sure he will ever fully retire.


I began my banking career in 1969 and retired in 2004 just short of 36 years. I began as a loan secretary and retired from what is now Prosperity Bank as a Vice President in commercial and real estate lending.  Most of those years were very enjoyable and satisfying; however, in the latter years, the corporate politics and stress was not fun. I never got my degree (one of my few regrets), but I feel I had a successful career.


My marriage to Jerry came with 4 children, so together we helped raise 6 children. The youngest was 3 when we married.  As you can imagine, there was some rough times, but we muddled through and are very blessed with a great family.  All six and their families live in the Dallas area and we enjoy getting together.  We have 4 grandchildren, Morgan, 21 (student at SFA) Parker, will be 13 on Dec. 26th; Jade, 11 and Ariel 10. We hope for more, but who knows?  Our youngest child is 31 and oldest 42.


With my banking career and Jerry's law practice, we were very involved in civic and community affairs for many years; Chamber, Lions Club, United Way, Boys and Girls Club, Cancer Society; you name it, we were in it.  So it is rather nice to have a much quieter life since I quit work.  I like just staying at home, doing things when I want to.  My mother still lives in Denison, (she moved back there about 15 years ago to take care of my grandmother until her death in 2000), so my sisters and I take turns seeing about her.  I am there every few weeks but never see anyone I know except family.  We travel some and have enjoyed our cabin in Ruidoso, NM, snow skiing as well as  summers in our condo in Vail, CO and a timeshare in FL.  Life is Good!


I wish you all a very Blessed Christmas and Peaceful New Year!

Adelle Hagan (McCarty)


71   Donna Hale

72   Grover Hale

73   Tommy Hall

74   Bobbie Gean Haskins

75   Wanda Hatridge (Howell) – 9/16/2008

After graduating I chose to go to Nursing School.  So, in the Fall of 1961 Mary Ellen and I moved to a Dorm at Methodist Hospital and started a whole new adventure. After 3 years of studying and learning we both graduated and studied some more for boards to be Registered Nurses. Goal accomplished in November and we were blessed with the Honor of having the title of RN.  Went back to School graduated in 1974 with BSN from UT System School of Nursing-BSN. I still practice nursing to this day and plan on a few  more.

Married Perry Howell in 1964, Have blended children Perry III, Stephanie, and Philip, 1 Grandson Colin, and 1 Grand Dog Dusty.  Widowed in 2000. Have lived in the same house for 38 years with renovations and changes to make it more modern and comfortable.

I Like to travel and appreciate the wonders of the world old and new.  I like to Read, watch movies, dig in the yard, and do a little baking.   I also like to take naps.  I am a night Owl, I work at night and have for the past 28 years.  Fits my life. Retirement is in the picture or at least slowing down to 2 days a week.

I have a sister still living in Denison and some nephews. 

Wanda S. Howell(Hatridge)



76   Jan Heath

77   Billie Heironimus

78   Jerry Don Henderson –12/05/2007

I met my future wife, Gwendolyn Guinn, the first day of school our senior year, she was a junior.  We started dating several months later and we married December 22, 1962, almost 45 years ago.  Gwen did not have the strong ties to Denison High School that our class did.  Several of our classmates went through all 12 years of a school together.  Gwen rarely spent more that a couple of years in the same school since her Dad was in the Air Force.  I went to Arlington State College to study engineering in the fall of 1961.  After our marriage and one child, I started a 40-year career in manufacturing with LTV, TI, and other places ending up and retiring from Black & Decker (Kwikset) in 2004.  During that career, I completed my degree in Industrial Technology at the University of North Texas.  Gwen and I raised seven girls who graduated are will graduate from Sherman High School.  We have always had a lot of fun with our Battle of the Axe rivalry.  Children have always been important in our lives, so we became foster parents for Children’s Protective Services and kept 73 children in our home over a 14-year period.  The seven that we raised can be described as three homemade, one adopted, one niece that became like a daughter, and two grandchildren that we adopted as daughters.  The youngest is a junior at SHS.  We are also the proud grandparents of eight, including the two daughter/granddaughters.  The newest is seven months old.  After the three homemade were well up in school, Gwen started to Grayson County College and then the University of North Texas in Social Work.  Our foster parent career ended when Gwen graduated from North Texas and became a Child Placement Supervisor for Children’s Protective Services.  She has done this for over 20 years now and plans to retire in three more years.  As you can imagine this story is never ending so, I am going to stop now.



79   Don Herd

80   Jim Hightower

81   Jimmie Hite – 5/27/2008

Leslie, here ya' go, you asked for it, it's yours to do whatever: (yes we do stay up late)! 


 Here's a short Bio of my life (Jim Hite) after the graduation of 61'. First let me say that I guess I was always (most of the time) a bit shy, quiet, reserved, timid, or even perhaps withdrawn; however the "real world" you might say has changed that some since 1961.


 After high school, I went to work for Kroger, working my way up thru different positions. I spent a lot of my spare time fishing, riding motorcycles, driving fast cars, etc. I took a few courses at Austin College to help pass the time. My dear Uncle Sam came calling in 1963, so I did some patriotic duty and then came back to Denison, and returned to my job at Kroger. I continued to spend my spare time fishing, motorcycles, boats and cars. I was able to dodge the "Love Bug" until 1966 when I met the girl of my dreams.

It was love at first sight, we had actually known and met each other years before, but just did not know we were destined to spend the rest of our lives together. So after both making mis-steps years prior, we began dating, and having a great time. Both having so much in common, we were inseparable, and got married in 1970, and still going strong after 38 years.


 We loved to ride motorcycles, and took many trips to several states; tent camping along the way. Fishing and hunting, and camping were other activities we enjoyed.

 I was promoted to management within Kroger, thus requiring much of my time. I spent most all of my career with Kroger in the Sherman, Denison area. We moved from Denison, Tx to Pottsboro, Tx in 1979. It was my Dad's farm, he gave us some acreage and we built a house. I had opportunities to go to the Dallas area, but did not want the burdens and problems of the Big City, nor did I want to relocate.. As I stated earlier, I like the quiet life.


 We raised a daughter who blessed us with two wonderful grandsons. I retired from Kroger, as Store Mgr. in the Summer of 2006. My wife Lyn, and I spend our past time enjoying each others company, the quietness of the country, wildlife, outdoors and entertaining our youngest grandson which is six years old. We are currently remodeling our house, and I may need to find me another job, just to get a day off.


 I get out the old yearbook occasionally and thumb thru it. It seems like just yesterday Kathy McClure and I were putting that cranberry mosaic of a turkey together in Ms. Beck's art class (remember that Kathy? I still have the newspaper clipping). I cannot help but wonder where everyone has gone, who is still with us, and who has passed on, and how the chapters of everyone's life has been carved. It seems like only yesterday that we were all chasing our dreams, and the whole world was before us. Now so much of the world is behind us; but yet I find myself still having dreams, and visions of good times. So far Lyn and I have been blessed with good health, and are able to remain very active, by the grace of God.


  It is good to get so many names and addresses of the class of 61'. Gosh folks......did you know it has been almost half a century......now that's a long time; and I would do it all again, but maybe not be so quiet next time.....and something else...I seem to feel the need to just keep writing, asking questions, and making comments----but I have to quit, I must shut up, remember----I am the shy, quiet guy.


                                    Best regards,   Jim Hite ( Class of 1961)


82   Larry Holder

83   Larry Holland

84   Pat Hood (Barnhill)

See Gene Barnhill

85   Bill Hopkins - Deceased

86   Robert Hurley

87   Carol Hutchison (Ames) – 7/21/2008

My bio, told you it was pretty boring after seeing some.


After graduation I completed one semester of college.  Over the years I have actually attempted college several times but have not stayed with it long engough to get a degree. Someday maybe I will decide what I want to be when I grow up.  Actually I am still trying to decide if I really want to grow up.


I have held many jobs over the years.  Among them aprx. 11 years with the MKT RR in Denison then moved to San Angelo, Tx where I went to work for the ATSF RR.  After several years with them in various locations I was laid off. after aprx 5 years.   I had a friend, Henry Slagle who offered me a job working in his real estate appraisal office in Albuquerque, NM and I moved out here about 24 years ago.  After working for Henry for several years I went out on my own.  I have a small appraisal business in New Mexico.  Although at one time I had five employees at the current time it is just me and my daughter and my son who works for me part time. 


I have been married quite a few times and finally figured out that I just do not do well with marriage.  I have been single for many years and love it.  I have three children John, Debbie and Becky, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.


Carol Ann Hutchison Ames


88   Jimmy Hyde – 12/17/2007

Life As A Mother’s Failure
  Mom wanted me to be a tele-evangelist and even marched me down to the Eastside Baptist or the Calvary Baptist Church every Sunday, her heart full of hope for me. Well, I never quite understood what all that singing and praying was about, so I took the low road to ruin.  I know now that if I had listened to Mom and Brother Potter, I would have my own jet today instead of a Piper Cub.
  After leaving the halls of Denison High School, I moved on to North Texas State University, where I managed to graduate with a  BS degree proudly sporting a GPA of 1.001, 1.0 being required.  I also met my future first wife during those years and conned her into marriage.  After 20 years, and four children, she got really fat, wised up, and left me, which proves if one waits long enough, something good may happen.  Somehow, the children managed to reach adulthood and are all professionals in medicine, law, aviation, and entrepreneurship.  Who says a child can’t overcome poor genes and a disinterested father.  After a semi-respectable wait following the divorce, I found another female victim for 20 years of marital bliss.  Currently, she resides in Coleman Texas and spends her time turning tugboats into dreamboats at her fitness club for women, of which I am not allowed to enter.  I spend Friday through Monday in Coleman as well.  I am trying not to wear out my welcome too
fast, so I continue to manage a home construction business in Granbury the other days of the week.
  For those readers still interested, I managed to make a living flying airliners around the world and was lucky enough to be one of the pilots for the Dallas Cowboys for five years..  In case you are wondering….. No, pilots do not shower with the team; they’re only there to drink, party, and fly.  An interesting career point:   I managed to be flying for Braniff, United, and two other lesser-known airlines when they declared bankruptcy.  Who says one person can’t make a difference?  My last flying job was at Southwest Airlines, where I worked on a team that developed the flight crew automation training programs.  I almost forgot to mention that I spent one year flying to, and around, Southeast Asia and one great adventure during Desert Storm.
  Now to cover the retirement years:  My little company is currently building custom homes and professional buildings in Granbury, Texas.  We have somewhere around twelve grandchildren, and no, I don’t carry pictures of them.  Future plans for what remains of this life are to return to college in January 2008 and complete another degree.  Hopefully, I can set a new, even lower, standard for the grandchildren.  My wife is planning my 100th birthday party in 2008. 
  Now, on to the obit:  “I knew if I stayed around long enough, something bad like this was going to happen.”  What I have learned in life:  As far as I can tell, the answer to the question on the meaning of life is that there ain’t no meaning, which I find to be very reassuring.
  I guess the moral to this story is that a kid should listen to his mother.  For those who may be wondering, in spite of what the preachers were saying in 1961, Rock & Roll, you girls in short-shorts, 3/2 beer, and Mogan David wine were not the cause of this wasted life, which was forecast by Mrs. Eunice Allen Cook, Miss Pennington, Edith Sawyer, and my mother. 
  For those of you who may be skeptical that this bio is true, please contact Mr. Bob Terrell, who witnessed my entire life from the 3rd grade to the present.  He can vouch for all events and has personally known all of the aforementioned victims.   The 2007 Reunion was fun and productive; hope to see you in 2009
  While Alive, Live,
  Jimmy Hyde

89   Bobby Ingram - Deceased

90   Brenda Johnson

91   James T. Johnson

92   Jimmy Dale Johnson - Deceased

93   John J. Johnson

94   Carol L. Jones

95   Kay Jones

96   Larry Jones - Deceased

97   Linda Jones

98   Patty Jones - Deceased

99   Carl Kebert - Deceased

100      Barbara Ann Kelly

101      Lynda Kelly

102      Lonnie Knowles

103      Clifton Kuykendall

104      James D Kyle

105      Anna Langston (Rizzo)

106      Bobby Lampton

107      Regina Levinson (Wren) – 12/07/2007

You (Pat Barnhill) are doing the very best job by keeping everyone in touch.  I wrote Paula Miller this morning with your new2 address....she's in Scottsdale Arizona...what a wonderful place to live....I loved hearing about your life...Gayle and I have been in Shreveport, Louisiana all these years...we've been married 42 years.  We adopted our first son Brad...and 18 months later had another son...Blake.  They are both married and live here...we have 5 grandchildren..all too cute..from 3 months old to 18.  I have been in ministry in the methodist church since my mid 40's...gaylel's a pharmacist...we're both retiring this summer..not too sure about that.  We are boaters...have a 24 foot boat...and alot of boating friends...in a group called the Power Squadron...power boats...we've also had a wonderful life...in January, we're going to the Holy Lands for 10 days with 200 methodists from Louisiana...can't wait....thank you for taking the time to write and remind us how "family" always love and stay close...blessings to you...Regina Levinson Wren 


108      Joe Lofland – 8/17/2008

Joe and Bobbie Lofland live in Quitman, Tx. about 90 miles east of Mesquite, Tx.  We moved here from Mesquite in 1991.  I have one daughter, Kay, she and her family live here in the area, she has a husband and three beautiful daughters.  Bobbie has two sons, Brian who also lives in the area and Jeff who lives in Memphis, TN.  All together, we have 6 grandchildren and 1 great grand daughter.  I retired about 4 yrs. ago, I was a respiratory therapist.  We both worked here in Quitman  hospital, Bobbie still works there, she is an RN.  I now take care of my daughters horses at her farm, she has about 50 acres, mostly quarter horses and a couple of paints.  The rest of time I spend at home doing little things around here. Hope to see you all in April.


109      Jimmy Lynch


110      Pat Lynch

Dear Pat:


Thank you for getting in contact with me.  It will be fun to hear from friends of yesterday!!!! 


We have been officially retired since 2003 but as most of us know we are as fulfilled as ever and even busier.  We have settle here in Mesa ,AZ in a 55+ community.  I have made one trip back to Asia but John tries to go each year and this summer the both of us may go again.  We travel many miles here at home as our children and grandkids live coast to coast.


We do trip to past thur Denison each time in our travels.  I hated to see our Junior High school being torn down last September.  I loved the old wood floors.


It will be good to hear from you  and the others as they write.


Pat Lynch Johnson


111      Kenneth Marcum

112      Carolyn Martin

113      Judy Massey

114      Don Matlock

115      Karla Margo May (Warborg) – 6/02/2008

Sounds like fun. Tell everyone hello as I won't be back in Texas until June 18. Martin and I volunteer for the Teddy Roosevelt Musical Foundation in Medora, North Dakota for 10 days each year. It is a big outdoor amphitheatre production and historical town located in what I call "the last American frontier".  Google it up and enjoy learning about where Teddy R. spent his "private time". We get to do a little of everything - sales at the general store, campground patrol, ticket taker at the magic show and at the one-man TR matinee,  usher at the evening performance in the 2856 seat Burning Hills amphitheatre, busing tables at the chuck-wagon café, greeter at the visitor center, and dessert server at the pitchfork fondue. Medora is located at the entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. A great family vacation spot!!!


My thumbnail bio sketch is that I graduated from University of Dallas, married a guy from Iowa, had 8 children (one son died of cancer at age 14 and our oldest son was killed in a work accident at age 22) Have 8 grandchildren ranging in age of 23 to 4. One grand-daughter died in infancy) As Martin climbed the ladder to CEO of Lafarge (the world's largest building materials manufacturer operating in 85 countries with home office in Paris, France) we outgrew 2 apartments and a house in Dallas area before being transferred to Florida, Indiana, and back to Dallas. After 12 years we were transferred back to Indiana, a year later to Michigan, and three years later to North Dakota where we spent 14 years before retiring in 2003 and headed HOME to Texas. The house we bought in Lucas, Tx (southeast of Allen) was hit by lightning and burned to the ground two days before the movers were to pick up our life's accumulations in ND. (Better 2 days before rather than 2 days after move-in). We rented in Murphy,Tx for two years while we designed and built a new home on the original site of the burn-down. Same space but different footprint - much better flow for the multitudes that shuffle through (chuch committees, senior group, grandchildren's soccer teams, family gatherings, etc.). The swimming pool is a big attraction. Mowing the two acres is Martin's "hobby" when he isn't playing in some charity golf tournament or carpooling grandkids.  As we moved around the country I put my degree to use by substitute teaching (K-12) and was a full-time volunteer for the American Cancer Society, Arts Councils, Historical Society, Community Youth Council, Church and Schools. These days I putter in the garden,  work on family genealogy and keep the bench warm at the grandkid's sports events. Our children include a high school arts teacher in Argyle,Tx; public relations director for O'Reiley MacDonalds stores; a high-profile photographer's assistant; a chef in a landmark steakhouse NW of Chicago; a construction welder; and the accounting supervisor for the city of McKinney. With the exception of our northern chef, all our family is within 30 minutes of us. Our youngest is getting married July 5th so we are gathering up everything red/white/blue for a patriotic weekend party. Mother still has her home in Denison and celebrated her 90th last December. My brother (a printer) and sister (an independent high-school Spanish tutor) are both living in the Dallas area. In between all these lines are stories to fill a book. With a large family there are no dull moments. We have had our sad times and our glad times and we have weathered them all.  Here's to a great Spring Fling next year and reconnecting to our Class of '61.


Karla Margo May Warborg


116      Melinda Mayes (Penn) – 12/07/2007

Hi, All!  It’s been a treat to read letters people have written. I've enjoyed everyone so much. Here's my catch up message. Melinda Mayes Penn

I graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a major in art/art history. I met Bob Penn from Midland, Texas at UT and we married in ’66 at Saint Luke’s church in Denison.  We lived on top of a little garage while he worked on a PhD at Rice University.  Our furniture consisted of a Donald Duck Rocking Chair and a Mickey Mouse Bedroom set, all inherited from the owners of the house whose garage we were renting.  Rhonda Douglas Cellner and her husband came to dinner one night and we ate a chicken I'd cooked in an ancient oven without a temperature regulator.  We had to share the small part of the bird that was actually cooked and Rhonda has not accepted any of my dinner invitations since.  Our son Rob was born in Houston in 68. Later, Bob did postdoctoral research in the northern part of Wales in Great Britain and we got to visit Rhonda and Jim when they lived outside London. They put on a fantastic English Christmas celebration. Bob’s first job was at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis as a professor of chemistry.  We loved Saint Louis with its wonderful old architecture and interesting neighborhoods. Later Bob took a sabbatical leave at the University of Santa Barbara in California.  We could ride everywhere on bicycles and Bob surfed regularly.   Eventually we wound up in Wilmington, Delaware where Bob is in research and development for Dupont.  We spent 5 ½ years living in Geneva, Switzerland.  I've taught art and language classes and am now teaching (part time) English as a Second Language to adults.  I work with international companies that have temporary employees who need a little help with English.  I meet some fascinating and wonderful people.  Bob still plays a lot of tennis and feels great in spite of dealing with two heart arrhythmias for which he’s had two ablations. We're still in a wait and see mode.  I worry, but he carries on as happy as a lark!  My most serious pursuit through the 42 years we've been married and the multitude of places we've lived has been to find places that prepare really good Texas BBQ.  My brother and I have faithfully taken our families to eat BBQ at that place across from the old DHS, I should say, alas, where the old DHS used to be...every single time we've gone back to Denison.   I enjoy volunteering for architectural preservation causes and teaching English through the International Women's Club. Our greatest joy is our son and his family!  Rob and Rosanne’s first baby arrived this August: Emily.  Bob and I will drop ANYTHING to visit Emily and fortunately they live in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, just 30 minutes from us.  Three cheers for the Reunion Committee that put that event together and to Pat and Gene and Jerry Don for initiating the letters and to all of you who have replied. Good wishes to each of you, Melinda


117      Charles Middleton

118      Paulla Miller (Bonnell) – 12/07/2007

I had high school plans to marry and settle down....  things change.   After graduation I went to Texas Woman's University.   Found out about a summer job in Arizona; hardly knew where that was; and it sounded like fun.   After driving across Texas to El Paso, and driving across New Mexico, and finding the White Mountains in Arizona, and managing a dirt road, I found the small fishing lodge where I was to be one of two girls serving meals, being nice to kids, a general jack of all trades.   BUT I met the owners son and the rest is history.   He drove up from Phoenix every Friday night and once the chores were done and the kitchen put to bed, all workers could go to town (I use that word loosely) and dance.   The only night of the week all the guys that worked there helped.   Cause they couldn't go til we could go. 


Married March 63 and came to Arizona.  Lived in the same house until this April... ( you know how much stuff one can collect in 45 years).??  Three children ( 2 boys 39 and 38, 1 girl 35), and 4 grandchildren 7 to 14. 

Finally returned to Arizona State University and completed a Master of Social Work at the grand age of 50 years.  Just retired in Aug 06.


Jon has given us a medical scare this past year so we decided to slow down and smell the roses.  However, retirement is hard.  Our work was our hobby and we loved what we did; so ........


Only rarely have I been back to Denison.  Those quick Christmas visits with mama; and the predictable ice storm the year we drove back.  Email has become a wonderful invention; absolutely  eagerly anticipate anything from Home. 


BettyLou Ferguson Johnson can out to visit last month.   We had a great time catching up after ???? a very long time.  Winter is a wonderful time to come West; come and pick your own orange juice; door's always open.


Whoever started this, thank you.        Paulla  Milller  Bonnell 


A second version May 27, 2008


Well, the name changes have added another dimension to this 'reunion'; us girls have changed and sometimes changed.   You, fellows, can change and change and sometimes change and no one can see the changes.           I digress.      


I was Paulla Miller, Central Ward Elementary, lived on Sears Street until I married, attended Texas Woman's University 2 years and married Jon from Scottsdale, Arizona.   From then on, I rarely returned to visit in Denison.   Mama moved to Sherman and our visits were few; she loved to come see us in the winter.


Have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.   We owned our own business, The White Hogan, oldest family owned started in 1946) business in Scottsdale until 2006 when we decided to retire.  We were a sterling design and creative shop and employed Navajo silversmiths.   Earned many, many awards for craftsman ship and design.   Jon was a Chemical Engineer when we married; but we took over the business when his parents both died in the early 70s.    I was the backroom, business, bookkeeper, wholesale supplier for the hotel based shops, and mom.  Then in 1988 I returned to college part-time and then full time and finally completed a Masters of Social Work, primarily with Medical and/or Geriatric.


I missed the Fling in 06 as Jon was on chemo..... he stabilized; but he is again on chemo.   After 45 years with the ole boy, it has been difficult.   But the faith we had, that was lost somewhat in busyness; well, it has been a comfort.   And some of you old, old friends have shared in our prayers.  Betty Lou's prayer group is our second family.  Am just planning on everything being stable in 09.  


And so it goes.   Some have not sent their bios because so many sounded great compared to theirs or they thought no one would be interested.  


No One Cares:  Perhaps it is the ageing process and the looking back (it is a longer road) than the looking forward; whatever the reason, this has been a fun, contemplative, heartwarming process.   Those at home in Denison are doing a great deal  of work to uncover all of us; and I couldn't be more grateful.  And ALL of the bios have been precious to receive and read and reread.


Perfect Lives:   None of us have had perfect lives.  If it helps, we had one son on drugs who did the usual stealing from his family and landing in jail.   We had a daughter that I just prayed she would slow down before she made mistakes from which she could not return.  One that was married too early and has experienced a so so life.   A business that was very, very good and one ....... well, it stunk.  But kids do finally grow up, bills get paid, and heck, we are still here and meeting each day as it comes. 


So please do send the bios; lets all share in one another.   It has been much too long and the miles have separated many stories and memories. 


I intended this for the new 19; but have decided to send to all........ many of you have not sent the bio.   Please, think about it and bless us with your whereabouts and status..... and if need be, Betty Lou's prayer group really seem to have the ear of God.


And if that isn't reason enough, we could share martini recipes; or diet plans (before 09)... there is twice of me over these 45+ years; or jokes.   Bnroowj@yahoo.com    has come good ones; and   Irbobanderson@earthlink.net   could use a body guard for 09.  


Love to all.............. Paulla Miller Bonnell     




119      Craig Montague – 1/08/2009

SIX degrees of separation refers to the idea that if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each  person who is known by one of the people they know, then every one is an average of six "steps" away from each person on earth.

This is network theory. So, ya! Your here. You know the story its' by a Hungarian writer Karinthy, short story's titled; of all things "Every thing is different". Most likely, tongue in cheek for, "that's clearly not the case". This idea both directly and indirectly
influenced a great deal of early though on "social networks" It was  1929. May be it was just the newness of air travel and telephone links never experienced by man. Did you see the movies "Babel" are "Crash" its' here you see how connected we all are. "Intertwined our lives they are", quoting Yoda.

If your wondering who the hell is Craig Montague, look me up in Ralph Paynes' year book . Yes that's right, ( Craig " old water bug." Montague) How prophetic a phrase that was. January the second 2009 I retired at 66+ from West Port shipyards in Port Angeles,
Washington. Its' been about 18 years working off and on for Orin Edison "MR.BAYLINER!!!". In Port Angeles it's a one boat shop, a 50 meter motor yacht in the 35 mill range. Earlier I was at Bayliner, in Arlington, WA then Admiral yachts in Port Townsend, finishing up at West port shipyards, in PA. I've worked R&D prototyping, and Master wood work tooling of these yachts low these many years. With the exception of working as a structures engineer on the start up the 767 at Boeing.

Hope you all remember the 1979/1980 era of Jimmy Carters' wildly out of control economy, with 20+% Bank interest rates. In a BIG way that almost completely collapsed the boat building business in America. Know I got laid off after 10 years at Bayliner. However, what came next started me thinking of my experiences with you people I grew up with in high school. The job, structures liaison engineer with Boeing for the start up manufacturing phase on the 767.?? I'm a dam boat builder! Yet the three years I spent at the Everett, Paine field site did gave me my grove. We had20built 27 planes and I had the time of my life. I was in the engineering group that fixed (redrew the engineering build tooling for the plane. Thank you "old man Malone") all the mistakes the original design department made. Yet, three years out It was time to get on the train are go back to boat building??!! For me this time was an enormous ego boost. WHY?

If you were curious, and looked me up in Ralph's year book you did see those girls that surrounded me. Those three were some power hitters' of our day. Karla May always serious, thoughtful, and those lips were to die for. Angela Jolie has nothing on Karla. I know she would be a great kisser, She was in the band, that also meant her brain was
mathematically humming along @ about 25Ghz. Melinda Mayes what an American sweet heart beauty, I could see her in the diplomatic core at any American embassy around the world, say Paris and I do think I saw her in the French embassy in London, it was 1986, Christmas time. Just around the corner from Victoria station, Embassy row. I could swear she was there, weren't you there?

Paula Miller, as often as I have though of her I know I was in love with her. What can you say about a girl you enjoyed looking at and yet cringed from when our 9th grade junior high algebra teacher would wave a hand at Paula saying, "show Craig what the hell we are talking about." What humiliation. I can vividly remember looking over her shoulder and seeing papers with 94, 97 and even an ACE. You bet Paula was working on the books of the White Hogan in Scottsdale. Wasn't there some issue about a couple million. They made some good money their. When Orin Edison sold Bayliner for 450 million he began wintering in the Scottsdale, AZ. area in development I think, he rounded off those earnings from Bayliner to an even 1 Bill. When we launched Orin's'
EVIVA II four years ago Sharleen, his wife was in western wear and I noticed a very big silver and turquoise Najivo belt buckle and Hopi mod bracelets, and a pair of tasteful Kokopelli earrings. Paula knows what that would cost.

I didn't wind up with any of these girls. Paula, however, was the focus of much though. And I mean in the good way. I just had "no game" for that person. Her caliber was so far out of reach. In junior high I sat next to her at assemblies and never said a word to her. I
was far from shy I clearly understood we had little in common. How did I know? She was smart, very cosmopolitan, and shortly would become a polished woman. My mother was a brilliant woman, neurotic, and an unfulfilled SUM English majors grad. We talked. She knew where I was at. Though I was nuts to think of a person so much and not act. That
wasn't a lot of help. An other part of this knowledge of being a lesser person, came from where I grew up.

Like Ralph Payne I was from out in the county and only did the last four years at DSH. I grew up in Park cities, Dallas, University. Park. We weren't rich but my grandmother must have been. Yes, all that is said about those wealthy schools across the country is true. However, It's not just the stuff good teachers cover in class it's the kids your in there with. Think that's when I became an anthropologist. A close observer of people. It's the fourth grade, and We're starting class after fat Tuesday. Mardi Gra and Kay Neale the daughter of an FBI man is asked to do a show and tell about her trip to New Orleans. Such vivid detail, such diction, what a well crafted story. We are ten years old!

As others in our class I went down to Arlington State college. 1962. I signed up for a business program? I knew that wasn't me. Those parents, they want you to do this are that. My people owned and operated Mill Creek Resort out on the lake. Yep, I was hooked on boats. In particular outboard race boats. All my high school years I
learned how to do wood work while making a three point racing hydroplane. It came out pretty Sweet. I souped up a Mercury outboard engine with exhaust stacks and did some internal tricks to improve the power band.

So, the summer of 1961 I had the boat ready to race and hauled it up to McAlester, Oklahoma. Little did I know Dieter Konig and Dieter Schultz from Berlin, Germany were racing that day. It's only 15 year after the war and those boys were out after some Americans. All kidding aside that day I learned of the terror flyer's experienced in combat. I'm buzzing along at say 45 are 50 mph in a 10 foot boat, when I since something terrible is bearing down on me. An alcohol and nitro-methane drinking Konig powered boat is slicing past me at oh say 70 mph. The moment I'm passed I catch sight of the boats spinning propeller, riding at the water surface then the blast of the engines exhaust stacks in my face. Trailing past me that little German fighter plane gracefully
sweep in from my right, starboard deck to settle down directly in front of me. You can not imagine the power of water in those rooster tails . Terrifying!

Vietnam intercepts me at Arlington State. Our family did a vacation to California in 1954 or 1955. Mom had some bit parts in nineteen thirty's movies, and wanted to retrace things. Worked with Adolf Monjue as I remember her saying. On our way out to Catalina Island I noticed some fellows in a small power boat jockeying around our tour boat. I asked "those guys, Navy?" No Coast Guard. Yea, "Don Winslow of the Coast Guard" That's for me! Yep about ten years later 1964 I become a dock boy for the marina - Government Island, Alameda, California.

Did most all my tour of duty on the weather cutter Taney at Alameda. I was a gunners mate. I was assigned the 5" X 38 GUN, Basically I oiled and cleaned her. The last year in the service and on the ship I was moved to reading the new 61mm mortars / 50 caliber deck guns for the coming deployment to Vietnam. I fully understand war is hell, but those toys they give you are unbelievably cool. Off San Diego doing our gunnery review by the navy, I was given a chance to sight and fire the 5" Gun. What a beast. It produces 970,000 pounds of recoil. On my first shot I hit the target sled off our starboard bow, clearing its' deck of the target structure. After about four minuets chief Ritz calls out just fire the last four for effect. I did ten Ocean station Novembers half way between California, and Hawaii, a Fisheries patrol to Alaska and the Bering Sea coming about at the Pribilof's. Next a Victor patrol to Mid way island and then to Japan, an incredible

All this and a free college education. I spent a lot of time messing about in the bay area. I was up at Berkeley almost all the time. 1968/69/70. At length I found a girl In Oakland and much like Sue Palmer I had type cast myself with the opposite sex. It must be the
metaphysics mambo of life and love. I'm going to junior college in Oakland Ca. taking a two year course in wood tech and light construction just what I wanted. Yet, like a bolt of lighting, I meet Jan Beckstrand, more of a brain than Paula Miller. She is an unbelievable person, and I'm actually talking to her. She is a socialist, and came from a wealthy family in El Paso, Texas get the drift. She is going to the Kaiser school of nursing, and I'm in love again.

I never played the field with women. I would say to myself that is her, go for it. always a matter of that's her, I'll spend my life with her. I just never could convince them to have the same prospective. These women I'm attracted to are so unswayable, dammit. Let me show you how poor a game I have. My Coast Guard buddy, Jeff Burnham's brother in law lived in a small Studio in the Berkley hills, below Grizzle Peak Blvd. over looking the bay, facing the gate. On a whim I took Jan up there one night to say hello, just look around. My strategy was to have as many good times with her as possible. She was
talking about going back to Texas for school at UTA. Our friend treated us to some wine, good music and a little pot. Lights down low, he was in the kitchen, Jan and I were standing looking out across the bay the moon just above Sausalito. We admire the moment I say " It's as if you can see the curve of the earth out past the gate". She replies, "I don't see it" That was it. I had to fly back to Dallas for a family thing, and upon returning to Oakland and our apartment all I found was 13 bags of garbage and a note. Had to go back to Texas.  Jan. That was a cold shot. Google: Dr. Jan Beckstrand,
Profile, Purdue Univ.

I move on. I did recover. Got on the deans list at Laney college. I finish school in Oakland.with a 3.86 gpa. My Coast Guard friend Jef Burnham was in school at Cal State Univ. Fresno getting his first degree in Anthropology. I follow. We palled around a lot. A good friend. Jan Beckstrand and I spent a lot of time at his sister's place up in Berkeley. Jef and I learned how to fly in Oakland. He got his ticket, I just soloed a lot. He flew the Cessna 150, but I had to go for the 150 Citaberia. What a plane!!!!!! I would cross control it and just fall out of the sky side ways, down, down. I love it. I knew my limits I never did solo aerobatics the plane was rated for it. Went down to Fresno and got my Degree, in Industrial Arts. That is not an engineering degree. Some one needs to build what those fellows think they design.

Looking for work after school I hit on the idea of Seattle. Always impressed by those unlimited hydroplanes, why not go up to, boat land USA. While in the Coast Guard, I had made friends with people that lived in Washington state. When I get a line on work at
Bayliner located just north of Seattle I'm off. I Flew up to Seattle, and get reacquainted with Mary Ann Parypa. The quietest girl I've ever meet. Yes a very street wise girl that rounded off my understanding of the superiority of women. I landed a job with Bayliner. Did ten years. Then did about 3 with Boieng. And we are back at the start of this bio.

The only Post script I have is the social / personal contacts made are missed have life altering consequences. At the times of greatest drudgery working out a little advanced learning Paulla was always at my shoulder saying A+B= can resolve to a C; I whence and work on. What an effective guru. On the adventure side, I've become a fanatic sailboat
racer, and what a great sport. As such my karma lead me in 1991 to a years work with Laurie Davidson from New Zealand. A year ago in Spain he was Inducted into the America's Cup Hall of Fame. Well deserved. Good on ya!!!!!!! He got a raw deal by the ugly side of America's free press. He is the Man. Always a friend.

In conclusion. I would have given up all these adventures, for a life with Paulla, Jan are Mary ann. Family and home carry "our" culture, that is a real life. From 911 on We all see how very nasty some societies can develop even when they have a three thousand year head start.

Craig Montague

120      Carolyn Moore

121      Charles Moore

122      Winston Mosse

123      John Munson

124      Jeanell McAlister

125      Kathy McClure (Sturch) – 12/07/2007

Have really enjoyed reading about everyone. After so long our lives are so separate and different but a few emails and it seems like we have never been “away”!

I so admire you, Jerry and Gwen. Such a legacy you a leaving. There are so many children with needs and what you have been and are doing is so important.

Using Jerry’s example I will try to let you know a little more about Ernie and our family.

While attending Southeastern in Durant, I met and married Ernie. He had 2 sweet little girls from a previous marriage. Ernie retired from Southeastern about 1989 and then preached at Bokchito, OK Church of Christ for 8 more years. We learned much about ourselves, others, life, and relationships. God sent us there for a purpose and we are grateful. I taught at Southeastern for a couple of years when I graduated in ‘64 until the babies came and then I stayed home to be Mom. After 3 boys (added to the 2 girls) I went back to Southeastern in the mid 80’s for my Masters in Art Education. Since then I have worn many hats: teacher, retailer, gallery owner, Christian bookstore manager, painter, etc. When I list those things it makes me realize how long I’ve been around! Anyway Ernie and I have a great life. All 5 children are married. Two families are close in the Texoma area and the other 3 are in the KS/MO area. The grandchildren are all precious of course. The oldest granddaughter (29) and her husband live in Edmond and own ATA Karate Family Life Centers. The second granddaughter was killed in a car wreck 4 years ago--- she was a law student in Arkansas and is loved and missed greatly. The rest of the crew range in age from 16 to 33, with the 5 year old and the 6 year old being the only boys. We have a fun time when we can all get together. Ernie and I are both retired now and enjoy keeping the grandchildren and traveling to see them when we can.

Ernie writes and teaches Bible classes. I paint, quilt, manage a PrayerMail email service for our church, and enjoy life with Ernie and the grandkids!

Well that’s 45 years in a paragraph.    Have a blessed day and let’s keep chatting!


126      Johnnie McCraw - Deceased

127      Stephan McHaney

128      Roger McKee

129      Bill McKeon

130      Laura McLain

131      Victor McMillen – 7/06/2008

Vic McMillen

Denison High School

The Great Class of ‘61


What a great idea.  I must admit that I haven’t been back to Denison since I finally got my braces off in ’62.  We (the family) packed up and left Denison two weeks after graduation for Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK.  With me going into college and my two sisters coming right after me, the only way Mother and Dad felt they could afford college for all three of us was to simply move to a college town.  Since they got their degrees there and Mother her masters, they felt they knew the territory.  Can you believe that first summer I took a three-hour familiarity course and paid $3 an hour.  I don’t even want to think about the cost of tuition and books today. 


It took me five years to graduate and the Army was waiting.  So, I joined the Air Force in the fall of 1966.  Of course, I had ulterior motives.  I was engaged to the daughter of an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and really wanted to impress him.  She was also my sister’s best friend.  Not sure if that was to my advantage or not.  In any case, it worked out as Susan and I flew over our 41st anniversary last March.  Where did the time go?


Susan and I spent 28 years in the Air Force and raised three kids in such places as:


 -  Biloxi, MS

 -  Chillicothe, MA

 -  Omaha, NE

 -  Udorn, Thailand (Susan stayed at home, of course)

-  Omaha, NE (Back to Offutt AFB for the second time.)

 -  Dayton, OH

 -  Alamagordo, NM

 -  Stuttgart, Germany (The whole family, this time.)

 -  Washington DC

 -  Colorado Springs, CO


It was quite a ride.  I retired from the Air Force in 1994 at the rank of colonel.  Not sure how I made it that far; but, miracles do happen.  We fell in love with Colorado Springs, our many new friends, and our church here, so when it came time to take the uniform off for the last time, this was the place.  Northrop Grumman-TASC picked me up  when I was just getting used to retirement and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I’ve been working for them since early 1995 and started working part time this last January.  This semi-retirement is great, but I seem busier now than when I was working full time.  Of course, I do it to myself.  One of these days, I’ve got to learn to say no. 


The plan is to retire full time next February when I’m eligible for full social security.   However, Susan and I have been enjoying cruising the last few years, so I may just continue working this part time schedule just to pay for the cruises.  We’ll see.  Susan’s mother and brother and all three of our kids live within an hour’s drive of our house, so we don’t plan on moving anytime soon. 


Life and God have been good to us.  We still have good health and great friends and family who love us and are close by.  I never dreamed this wonderful life would be mine almost 50 years ago.  I am amazed. 


132      Judi Nastasi – 2/21/2008

okay here goes. It will be very short.

After graduating I went to Draughns Business College and studied all the secretarial stuff thinking I wanted to be a legal secretary. Then I got into "IBM" -  it wasn't called computers back then. They were big loud machines that put holes into cards. Anyway I loved it. After I completed my classes the school hired me to teach it. In '63 Dewayne and I married and we moved to Dallas. After our daughter Stasi was born I became a stay at home mom for awhile. In '65 I went to work at Guiberson. That lasted until '67 when I had our first son Robert. Went back to work at Dresser-Guiberson in '69 and was there till Sean was born in '71. I stayed home and did all the Mommy things like taking kids to football,soccer,baseball practice and games, helped in the math and English classes when they were in elementary school, did all the PTA stuff, etc. I didn't go back to work till '82 after Dewayne and I got a divorce.


Our daughter is in the process of adopting 4 children that are brothers and sisters. She has had them for 3 1/2 years, Our son Robert has a daughter that will be one in March. Our son Sean and his wife have no children.


So here I am getting closer to 65 everyday with 5 grandchildren, divorced, working with my X and my 2 sons, white hair and getting as wide as I am tall and I'm getting SHORTER!!!!!!!!


                                         Life is great


133      Barbara Nelson (Dettmann) – 12/06/2007


 Thank you Jerry!


great idea to do this and  pass it on to the  mail list.


some of your  names i havent seen since graduation day in 61....

but saw a lot of you at our spring fling gathering in denison this year..

our class  was very well represented...

thanks again to you, Pat and Gene Barnhill!


 i still enjoy going HOME to visit often, taking an ocasional stroll down Main st and trying to remember what was where and when..its all changed and so glad to see the diference in the past few years.....

its making a comeback...

(except for the destruction of one beautiful bldg--our old JR Highschool....

that decision i will never understand...why not  implode that  bldg on sears st...the old elementary school that now looks like a prison gone south.???


 Now for my family that some of you met or knew...in Dhs or Calvary Baptist church......the Nelson family.

 yes,.....as most of you asked at the reunion...  i am bobby`s,   laura`s , and  jimmy`s  sister!

Along with the late and great Frankie Nelson Ashbaugh of DHS class of 57,

Frankie was an  officer in the US Air Force, graduate of southeastern College in Durant, married Don Ashbaugh on her first assignment in oshkosh wisconson in 1963, had two daughters,  her hubby was  a Major in the USAf, flew bombing missions in Vietnam for 18 mos.

 I am also  the sisnlaw of Kaye Nichols Nelson class of 61.I am the PROUD sisnlaw i should say...and lucky to have her as a SIS...

She has almost single handedly designed and  done the plannogram set for Tuesday Morning stores across the entire USA...before retiring a few years ago=== to shop with me as often as we can. :)


 i Was  a retired sales rep,.......

for various companies thru the years...but

 just recently went back to work AGAIN,

(partly due to the frequent shopping adventures with Kaye! )  :)


Life Is Good is my fav slogan/saying....

it truly has been good and still is...

married 46 yrs ( i cant believe it either).. to  a brooklyn boy also stationed at PAFB...we have...drum-roll please..............................

5  fantastic and wonderful darlings,

 all grown and on their own now.

 4  grandest grands  on the planet...they truly are great kids,

 and then theres one spoiled dog..Roo ( rudy)


Let me hear from you fellow grads, its  always nice to catch up.


Yelling Hello to  Connie, Sandra, Bob T, Michael N, RonT,Gary T, (glad to hear your wife is recuuperating nicely) Pat and Gene B thanks for keeping us in one group--good job coralling us!


Again, jerry Henderson, thank you for the idea of passing this along to each of us.. fun to see how you and yours enjoy christmas.

´¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.·´ ·´¨¨))
((¸¸.· * Barb *   (nelson) Dettmann




Barbara Nelson Dettmann --- 12/6/2007


ohhh lawdy Jerry henderson....you and your wonderful wife are my idols now---i have always been in favor of children....being helped loved cared for...just so the get that important attention they need when they need it....you two should be very proud...I am thrilled you were in the class of 61...we sure iz a speshul group!!! 

more later ,,we are off to vegas tomorrow..still have the dog to bathe suitcase to pack...calls to make andohh yesss this little laptop i just uboxed tonite is a fresh cute white little macbook......i started a new venture back in sales again,,,,have apple with travel!  but this wekend will end with us getting together with my gf Connie ( cambron) also a 61 grad...and her hubby Pete..what a cooool guy...she and You...have all been married forever n ever lol...johnny and i just celebrated 46 yrs this past oct 17th...and honest,,,,,THEY SAID IT WOULDNT LAST!!

more on that subject another time or we will just have to get a phone conversation in....i cant type as fast as talk!!  :)  

great hearing from you and cant wait till our next gathering in denison..we live inl oserville..or rather  Lewisville!




134      Carol Newcomb (Taylor) – 12/19/2007

I have received such interesting biographies since I sent you my email address.  As Richard and I were both 61 grads and then married, you will get 2 for 1.  What a bargain!  I think our story won’t be as exciting as some, and I have found it difficult to condense forty years in a few paragraphs.


After graduation, Richard went to San Diego to boot camp.  He  was in four years, two on the West coast and two on the East.  I  went to TWU and majored in education.  In 63 Richard came home on Christmas leave, we started dating and the rest is history.  We married in June of 65  after he was discharged and I graduated.  His first job was for Pacific Finance in Dallas.  When I got my first teaching job, we moved to Garland, where we stayed for 30 years.


We had two sons in 67 and 69.  By that time, Richard had gone to work for  Collins Radio in Richardson.  I stayed home for three years, then went back to teach when the defense industry did a turn down.  Richard went to El Centro and got his associate degree and went back to work for Collins (which had sold out to Rockwell Int).


The next twenty years were busy.  We raised kids, worked,  and went back to school.  Richard earned his undergraduate degree, I got my masters in education., then a degree in library science.  The boys grew up and went to college.


By 1990 we thought we had finally gotten to a point where we could slow down, but Richard had his first heart attack.  This event got our attention.  We began an exercise and diet program., but the damage had been done.  Richard had quadruple bypass in 1993, and we nearly lost him from a resulting infection.  He recovered after being off work nearly four months. That same year our oldest son, who also was in the navy, got married in California.  We moved to Rockwall so that Richard could sail his sailboat.


Richard retired in 1995. He could not just be retired, so he started another career in real estate.  Our second son got married in 1996.


I retired in 2001 after 33 years in teaching, and our first granddaughters were born that year. In 2004, we had a grandson named for Richard.  Life was good!


December 13, 2005 Richard died from a sudden, massive heart attack.  He had been well and active.  It was unexpected and a shock to all who knew him.  It has been an adjustment, but life does go on.  I sold the house in Rockwall and

moved to Richardson to be closer to our sons and grandkids.


So that’s it so far.  Hope to hear more from old friends and classmates.


Carol Newcomb Taylor


135      Linda Newman

136      Kay Nichols

137      Herschell Ray Nix

138      Michael Nix – 7/15/2008















p.s. i am not yelling at anyone or hostile in any way when i use all caps--just too lazy to shift.






139      Jackie Oden

140      Lazelle Odle (Weda) – 7/10/2008

Angelo was in the  class of 1958, Lazelle in the class of 1961.


After being active in the Union at Johns Manville, Angelo was elected to a Union Business Rep. position.  In 1971 he became Director of  the District  and was responsible for many areas including major agreements with Lockheed and Rockwell International.


I spent 5 years in Indiana, then moved to Arlington, Texas where I worked in Orthodontics.


In 1984 Angelo resigned from the Union and I left my beloved career in Orthodontics.


We made our home in the Houston area.  We owned and operated bingo operations in Houston and Louisiana.  We invested in a bus company that became Grey Line and is now owned by Coach America, where Angelo is  the Regional Director for Casino Sales.  He is responsible for all casino busing operations in Texas, Louisiana, Ms.,Ark., Tn., and Denver. Co.  I  am now retired, but Angelo is going strong, I doubt he will ever retire. We had planned to retire at our lake house on Lake Livingston, but we have become attached to our home in Clear Lake and enjoy the Gulf Coast and boating .


We have a total of 3 children.  Our daughter,  Rhonda lives in Sherman and has a son and daughter.  She works for Globitech in Sherman. Our son Jay and wife Kim live in Cypress, Tx. They have a son and daughter.  Their son will be a senior in class of 2009.  Jay is a District  Manager for Allied Barton.  Our son Larry and wife Lindi live in Arlington .  They have a daughter.  Both are in the Medical Field.   Larry worked several years in  Respiratory Therapy and is now attending Physicians  Assistant School in Midland.  Lindi is a Nurse Practioner.



Our pride and most joy comes from our 5 grandchildren.  They think they have the best Papa  in the world.  




141      Robert Oliver - Deceased

142      Stephen Otis

143      Cynthia Overbeck

144      Sue Palmer (Marino) – 12/08/2007

Each biography sounded like you were blessed with wonderful marriages.  Somewhere along the way, I missed my ticket to ENCHANTED.    Instead, I have a talent for finding charming marriage partners with hidden problems.  Ouch!!  So, let's not dwell much on this part of my life.  I've been single since 1990 by choice.

There are two children in my life, courtesy of my first two marriages.   My daughter (46) gave to birth to my five grandchildren.  She forgot that parents are also suppose to raise their children, not leave them with the ex. 

Two grandsons are serving in the Army.  The 19-year-old is in Afghanistan.  The 21-year-old arrived in Iraq last month.  My oldest grandson, 24, just enlisted in the Army and ships out within weeks to basic training.  He's also headed for Iraq.  My only granddaughter is 17 and a Senior in Midlothian HS.  The youngest grandson (8) is living with my daughter and her third husband. 

My son is 41.  I named him after my DHS friend, Jan Blassingame.  Currently, he and I are living together in Studio City, CA.  I'm not retired yet.  I'm the HR Director for my company out here.  Moved to CA two years ago but still have my home in Irving.  Guess I'll retire one day and move back to Texas.  At least that's the plan.

As for my work and education life, gees, where to start.  In Denison, TX, of course.

My first real job after teaching twirling at the Conatser Dance Studio while I was in DHS, was at The Denison Herald.  David Easterling's Dad was my boss.  He was the Editor.  I worked in a small closet beside Linda Johnson, where I learned how to run a teletype machine.  After seven months, I learned I could double my pay by moving to Dallas and joining the printing union.  Off I went.

Worked at The Dallas Morning and improved my typesetting skills.  In those days, union printers could travel around the country and "slug up."  (Slug up means I'm available for work, please hire me.)  My travels took me to work at The Denver Post, Gary Indiana Post Tribune, Kansas City Star, Dallas Times Herald, and then to The Wall Street Journal.

Fully expected to work until retirement at The Journal.  During my 18 year tenure there, I was elected President of the Dallas Typographical Union.  As President, I attended National Conventions around the nation, served on the Law Committee or the Credential Committee every year.  Got to meet Al Gore one year and had my photo made with Hillary Clinton another year.  Discovered that contract negotiations were something I excelled at as President.  (Since I was in the DHS Debate Club, this probably wasn't too surprising.)

Let's see, I also earned my Associates Degree in Real Estate at NorthLake Jr. College during this time.  Then, went to Dallas Baptist College and received my BCA degree in Printing Management.   Happily, I graduated with Honors in both colleges and finally got to wear a cap and gown, after my High School Honor was taken away and I never touched or saw my DHS cap and gown.

In my spare time while working at The Journal, I discovered several things.  Something I'd never really been allowed to do in school much because of my Church upbringing -- I fell in love with dancing.  Virtually danced my feet off almost every night taking lessons.  Became proficient at C&W, West Coast Swing, Push, Ballroom,  Cha-Cha and Line Dancing.  Hey, I got on a Push Team and we won a trophy at Dallas Dance for second place.  Also, danced with a great partner for many years.  He and I won First Place in three contests for waltz and the two-step.

Can't leave out another love I discovered while I was working  at The Journal -- WRITING.  Let me clarify, both my English teachers at NorthLake and Dallas Baptist had pulled me aside and asked me to change my major to writing.  I declined.  It simply wasn't in my gameplan.  (I'm still a dyed-in-the-wool lifetime football fan -- GO COWBOYS!)  In 1990, I wrote two novels.  The first novel went to NYC for eight months, almost got published.  Was encouraged to write a screenplay for the novel.  I did.  Would you believe, I'm still writing screenplays??

In 1998, The Journal closed out the Dallas Composing Room.  I was faced with changing my entire career, since computers were killing printing as I knew it.  Took some business courses to learn Word, Excel, Power Point and other programs.  Off I went into a brand new field of work as an Adminstrative Assistant.  Hadn't planned on getting laid off four more times over the years.  Decided TeleCom companies were unstable, worked for a DME (Disability Mobility Equipment company) for a year-and-a-half.

Meanwhile, my screenwriting was getting better and better.  Contest placements were beginning to grow.  My son moved to CA and took a job to learn to become a Director.  He encouraged me to move to CA in order to network and get produced.

So, in April 2006, I picked up and drove to Studio City.  My Mustang was packed to the ceiling.  And my gorgeous Blue Russian kitty was none too happy during our three-day trip.  But we made it.  I'm still here.  Have run into many moviestars, attended several Premieres (HAIRSPRAY being one of the most memorable) and Q&A's afterward with writers or stars, and attended last fall's Emmy Award show.  Hey, we even walked on part of the red carpet.  Also, saw the Rose Parade last year.  Have great bleacher seats for this year's Rose Parade with my son.  I'll wave if I see the camera.  LOL

Took off work to go to filming for The Dr. Phil Show, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, see Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and George Clooney make their OCEAN'S 13 handprints at Grauman's Theater.  When I went to the Ellen TV show taping, lo and behold, who had to sign a release?  Jamie Foxx was the guest.  And, we know he's a native Texan from Tyler.  I let out a "Yeah" when he said Texas.  Suddenly, Jamie is talking to me on camera.  Never dreamed I'd get 3 or 4 closeups.  And, Ellen asked my name.  Her show was terrific with the aisle dancing.

So, many of you are retired.  I'm still following my dream in CA.  Taking even more screenwriting classes -- this time at UCLA.  Honing my screenwriting and pitching skills.  As we speak, I have placed as high as Third Place in a total of 37 National Screenwriting contests.  My latest script has placed in eight of those contests so far.  But, I've done another rewrite and sent the script out to more contests.

Breaking into Hollywood is tough but I'm still here -- still looking for that moment of excitement when I get produced and become a member of the WGAW.  Currently, the WGAW strikers are walking the picket line every day around the corner from where I work.  You see, a huge CBS Studio in Studio City.  And yes, I've been on the lot.  What writer wouldn't want to?

Really have enjoyed reading everyone's story so far.  Hope to see many more.  And, the April Reunion was a happy but hugely sad day for me.  I was so looking forward to really visiting with everyone there.  God had other plans for me.  I received a call about two hours before I arrived.  My former boyfriend was killed that day around noon in a tragic motorcycle accident in Bandera, TX.   I was devastated, started not to attend the reunion.  My wise son, insisted I go.  I'm glad I did.  The few friends I told about my loss were warm and compassionate.  I can't recall if I thanked them or not but "Thank you for helping me through difficult hours!"


See what happens when you offer a writer a chance to write.  LOL

Love to all,


Suzye Marino (Sue Palmer--DHS 1961)  (( ~..~ ))


145      Kay Parker

146      Paul Parkey

147      Ralph Parks

148      Ralph Patrick – Deceased

Obituary courtesy of Kay Parker Clark



Ralph W. Patrick, 66, of Media, Pa. passed away Monday, Dec. 1, 2008 at his home.
Ralph Patrick was a 1961 graduate of Denison High School. Though he picked up a few degrees after that, the only one he would be likely to mention was his 1972 Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Washington. He went on to teach linguistics at a university in West Berlin (deep in the Cold War and surrounded by the Wall) from 1973 -1977. That was followed by career changes - for the past 12 years he had been creating help systems for an aerospace software suite at a company near Philadelphia - but he never lost his love for linguistics and continued to read in the field or attend an occasional colloquium until the end.
Ralph leaves behind a great family that convinced him of the importance of education and gave him confidence that he could achieve whatever he set out to. His mother Ruth Patrick, passed away in 1977, but his father, R.C. Patrick, still lives in Sherman where he is active in his church's ministry to the community, among other things. Ralph leaves two brothers, Ray Patrick (living in Frisco) and Rick Patrick (Austin), four children, Randy Patrick (Lewisville), Rodney Patrick, (Carrollton), Natalie Browne (Chicago) and Jessica Ruth Ralli (Queens, N.Y.); and four grandchildren, Devin Salinas (Little Elm), Paige Patrick (Carrollton), Jake Patrick (Carrollton) and Lauren Browne (Chicago).
Ralph's partner, support and inspiration for more than 20 years has been his wife, Denise DiPersio, whom he married in 1985. She is from the Philadelphia area and returned there with Ralph in 1997 where they resided until the present. She works at the Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania.
As he leaves, Ralph's wish for all of you is, whatever your beliefs - religious, philosophical, political - that you find a way to develop a spirit of genuine tolerance toward those whose beliefs are not the same, because only in this way is there any hope of achieving real peace.


149      George Payne

150      Ralph Payne - 12/07/2007

I grew up in Pottsboro and started the Denison schools in the ninth grade. So, my feelings for good old DHS may not be as strong as those some of you have.


After graduation I went to TCU and promptly flunked out. I guess you really can't study and drink at the same time.


I joined the Air Force and just barely  made it through my enlistment period (four years). Along the way I got married. After I got out, I started work at TI as a technician in 1966  and shortly after got divorced.


While working at TI, I went to school and got a BS from SMU and an MS from UTD. I retired from TI in July 1998.

But I'm not really retired. I do Digital Signal Processing Algorithm development and implementation.


My efforts span satellite communications, ADSL modems, RFID tag readers. And I have a couple of guys that work for me. (One lives East of Denison, the other in Bells). My retirement plan is to work until I die. Actually, the work that I do is something that I really enjoy doing, so it's more like getting paid to play.


I have one son who has four kids. My wife has two kids. Her daughter had four kids.

So I have a total of eight grandkids. Between both sets the ages span from 4 to 26.


My wife and I raised three of her four grandkids. One was nine months old when he came to live with us. He is twenty now. The oldest is expecting, so I'll be a great-grandfather next year.


After the grandkids  that we raised moved out, we let a kid live with us for his senior year. He was "a troubled kid", but some how we managed to keep him out of more trouble with the law, and kept him in school. He graduated!


I went to the spring fling with shaggy hair. Since then I've cut it off, but I still have a beard. By the way, I wouldn't have recognized anyone but Mike Nix and Mary Lou when I first got there. But as I watched and listened, I noticed that people sound the same, and gesture the same as they did in high school. I'll see you guys next Spring.



151      Donna Perrin

152      Janice Poulter (Howell) – 6/19/2008

Following graduation I attended North Texas one semester.  Before semester finals, I got sick with the flu, missed several weeks, had to make up all my finals and quit shortly after 2nd semester started.  Who knows what would have happened had I not gotten sick…I have always
regretted not finishing.  Of course, my life would have taken a completely different course had that happened.  I came home and got a job in the office of Lilly Ayres (remember?).  Donna Hale was home from nursing school and we were “dragging” Main one Sunday afternoon and she
introduced me to a guy she was dating that she described as the best looking guy she had ever seen!  He was stationed at Perrin and I had never been allowed to date “those boys”.  My mom worked at the base and knew all about them!  Needless to say, we married a year later.  His
name is Marshall Howell and we have been happy for 45 years…maybe not all the time, but most of the time - especially since the kids left home!  HA  He is from West Virginia and we have had many, many wonderful trips up there.

We have a son and daughter and 4 grandchildren who are the absolute joy of my life.  They are so much more fun than your own kids.  Our son’s children are 17 and 8 and our daughter has 7 year old twins, a boy and girl.  They live close so we see them VERY often.  Our son is divorced from his wife.  He has made some very unwise choices in life that have caused a heartache bigger than Texas for his dad and me and his children.  I pray that he will be able to turn his life around.

I was a stay-at-home mom until our youngest started junior high.  I began a job in a junior high school counselor’s office that lasted 10 years and then worked for an actuary friend for the next 10 years.  I retired in 2001 when the twins were born.  My husband retired from Texas Instruments in 1998 after 33 years in the research department.  He spends his time building hot rods and playing golf; that is, when we are not playing with grandkids!  I love to shop, read, shop, anything outside...walking, birding, gardening and shopping!  We also love to travel...short trips, long trips, whatever.  So far, our health has been very good.

I lost my dad in 1992 and my mom last year.  She lived with us for the last 15 years of her life.  She became quite fond of that boy she didn’t want me to date!  We go to Denison quite often…my dad’s twin sister lives in Durant, OK.

Reading everyone’s bio has been fun.  I am keeping my annual beside my computer!

153      Brian Powell

154      Leona Pugh

155      Don Ramsey

156      Ralph Raper -  Deceased

157      Eddy Ray

158      Johnny Ray – 1/15/2008

I got a nice unexpected phone call Monday from classmate Johnny Ray.  He had been out of town and come in to his office and wow...what a surprise, .nearly a class reunion.  He ask me to tell everyone he was alive, well, and out of jail and delighted to read all the bios. We had a very nice phone visit, he is Council Facilitator for Councils of Family Violence.  Sets up classes for Domestic abuse and anger management.  He travels quite a bit and sounded very happy.  He said he gave up 'VICES' several years ago, is healthy and a tad overweight...so ......isn't everyone?  He is single, ....happy, but would take a rich wife who would buy him a motorhome, then she could divorce him and give him custody of the motor home. ha ha... same ole Johnny...

He still has both parents here in Denison, they are still living in the home he was raised in.

He asked me to give all his best and hopes to see everyone at SPRING FLING 09!  


John (Skeeter) Ray via Pat Barnhill


159      Iva Lee Rayburn

160      Alton Redwine

161      Pat Reeves

162      Bill Ridinger

163      Horace Roberson

164      Linda Rowland

165      Freddy Rucker - Deceased

166      Mary Lou Russell

167      Bill Ruth

168      Boyd Sawyer

169      Henry Schleuse

170      Lois Scibeck (Dykton) – 6/18/2008

Hi All,

      It has been fun reading the bios that I have received and finding out just how far back some of us go. I attended Golden rule elementary , and Central Junior High then DHS right along with a lot of you. High school for me was a bit frantic. I had dropped out to get married and had a baby girl named Kathy (now 50) and been deserted by my husband by the time  I was there. I finished three years in two and spent most of my time in Mrs. Gaddy's afternoon class and harassing Coach Zeller. I worked in couple of beauty shops in Denison, met and married John in 62 and we have had an extraordinary life together.

     We have three children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. John worked for United Airlines for 35 years and because Mrs. Gaddy was the greatest influence on my life I just retired from being a Cosmetologist in 2007. I did break it up a little, I spent ten years behind the chair and then became an instructor for twenty seven, then back to the chair in my own shop until last year. One of the ironies of life is that I became and instructor the same year Mrs. Gaddy retired.

      We came to Colorado from Chicago after John hired on with United right out of the service. After he retired we built a log style home on eighty acres in southern Colorado. Living in town was the best choice for raising our children but the country is best for entertaining our grandchildren. They love driving the tractor and the ATV and learning to shoot clay pidgins from the bluff. Not that life before retirement was boring, in addition to raising our family and working we toured the country on our motorcycle and were area reps for the Gold Wing Road Riders Assoc. We took up skiing , camping , boating etc. All the things that Colorado is famous for.

        In our quiet moments, between the on slot of visits from the gang, John likes to garden and I have become addicted to quilting. I make several each year for the Linus project and then our children always have a project for me. In a couple of days the summer chaos will begin, we have grandsons coming in from North Carolina and then the Texas contingent will be here and then there is August when the "big" kids arrive. Life is full, and we have been blessed , there were many near tragedy's over the years by thanks to the grace of God, they were averted. We are happy and eager for what ever comes our way.

        Looking forward to seeing you all next year, say safe,   Lois Scibeck Dykton 8005 Railroad Spring Dr. Pueblo, Co 81004 719 676-2644 Luckyteter@aol.com


171      Phillip Scoggin

172      Marilyn Scott

173      Judy Seat (Lewis) – 5/26/2008

Well I am one of the ole Pottsboro Bunch. I wonder where the time went. We have had a better time since retiring. I worked in the lab for Nabisco for 23 years and was offered a buy out and took it. My husband Olan (Tuffy ) Lewis had retired about 3 years before and I was tired of working and him playing golf. So we have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. All in HS or College. We have been living in Pottsboro for most of our 47 years of bliss. We took off to Colorado and did some caretakeing for the Forest Servious for 4 years at an old bunch of cabins built in 1920's or so. We stayed in a house build in 1952. We had no water, electric and we did this for 4 months of the Summers. Then 10 years ago we bought a place in Colorado in an old gold and silver town but we do have all of the utilities we need. Even Internet as of last summer. We can only get there in the summer also. We bought a place in Yuma, Arizona in a  gated retirement community with all of the amenities you could image and we wintered there for 3 years. We decided we are too old to be that far away. BIG MISTAKE, I guess the only one we ever made. Now we go to Florida and spend most of the winter with our oldest son and his family and then Colorado in the summer. It is 10,000 feet and snowed on the 23rd of May. We are leaving in 5 days for there.  Our home north of Pottsboro is for sale. You can see it at www.texomaproperties.com under ERA. Now is not a good time to be selling but we seem to be getting older and if we are going to make a move it has to be now. When it sells we plan on moving to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Lots of lakes and golf courses ( 8 ). Good to hear from everyone. I see some of you in town and I  haven't a clue who you are.  Just people that are slightly heavier and sort of winkled  and maybe a grey hair or no hair. Still something familiar. I always hang out with Patti Jones, Linda Jones and Pat Brown. Pat Barnhill are you in charge of this reunion ? I hope I am sending this news, that no one is interested in anyway, to the right person.

174      Charles Shelby

175      Dorothy Smith

176      Erliene Smith

177      Leslie Smith

178      Sandra Smith (Lehner) – 6/10/2008

Sandra (Smith) Lehner


Married Max Lehner - Moved to Denver, Colorado 1962.  Worked National Farmers Union in Actuarial Department and Property and Managerment. Obtained my CPCU.  Had 2 sons (one in Denison and one in Colorado)  Moved to El Segundo, California in 1969.  Had another son in California.  Husband worked for Continental Airlines.  Did not work in California - had fun playing bridge, learning to play tennis, bunco, and enoying the ocean with my boys.


Transferred by Continental to Dallas in 1972.  Went to work at Real Estate and Insurance Company doing insurance work.  Got my real estate license in 1975.  Both my parents dies in 1976 and 1977 so had time to get Real Estate Brokers license in 1978 as had taken time off when they were ill.  Continental transferred us to Austin in 1979.  Went to work in Real Estate and opened my own company in 1985 with a partner from SHERMAN!  Her name was Jimmy Carol Williams - she goes by Carol - some of you may know her.  We were an independent until 1991.  Then joined the Century 21 Franchise.  I was very blessed to do well in the real estate business and sold Nolan Ryan his large home in Georgetown when he open the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium in Round Rock.  Also was able to sell his son Ryan and daughter Wendy a home and his two secretaries.  He was good to me. 


Last year we bought a home in Denison to retire here.  I am still working some with my company in the Austin area.  We merged with some young men and now have 3 locations.  I go back there about every 2 weeks so I am semi retired.


My husband and I do like to gamble so of course we are glad Choctaw is nearby.  We have spent a lot of time and money in Louisiana and Las Vegas.


Nothing too exciting.  These are the highlights.  Oh, yes I have 5 grandchildren.  They are great kids.  My granddaughter is in London right now with girl scouts. 



Sandra Lehner


179      Donald Staff

180      Sandra Steele

181      Helen Steward

182      Doris Stewart

183      Robert Stratton

184      Charles Street

185      David Stripling

186      Kenneth Summers

187      Pat Sutton

188      Kawatha Sweet - Deceased

189      James Taylor

190      Keith Taylor

191      Richard Taylor - Deceased

192      Bob Terrell – 12/15/2007

I will start by saying how much I have enjoyed reading the responses so far and hope we get many more.  Since I did not travel in the same social or athletic circles as many of you did, I do have and also have lost touch with many special friends made during our
years at DHS.  Now for "The Rest of My Story".
May 29, 1961:  What a glorious day for me it was.  Graduation finally here, but "what" do I do now?

Unlike a lot of you who had made college plans, I wasn’t so fortunate and knew I had to go to work. I had lost my Dad in 1959 where as my Mom and I had briefly moved to California.  I finished my Sophomore year there but moved back that summer thus only missing a few months at DHS.  However having said that California was always in the back of my mind and I left immediately for California the morning after Graduation.  Thus begins my "education" into the real

I went to work processing fruit at a local cannery and for a boy of 17 made good money and played all summer, but as summer drew to a close I became homesick and returned to Denison and began working at various jobs, Denison Mattress Factory, Gavrin Press, Foster Millwork etc.  I never was fired from a job but just not satisfied and went from one to the other looking for something not knowing just what.  The summer of "61" I met a girl at church and later married in "63" from which came my Daughter and Son and a divorce 18 years later.  During those first 12 years I made many job changes, Houston, Banning, California, Dallas, Hot Springs, Arkansas and finally back to Denison  I had lots of diversity in my jobs which says I had'nt matured or was just trying to make ends meet.  I worked 2 times for the Railroad MKT, various woodworking businesses, grocery stores, funeral homes, etc....and finally in "70" came back to Denison and joined the Police Dept. for 5 years. Found out very soon that there was no future here and with California lingering in my mind, I moved my family to Watsonville, California and immediately went back to work for the Southern Pacific Railroad.  Money was good, life was good (I thought) and 5 years later my first marriage ended in divorce leaving me with my 2 children and 2 foster children.  I had to give up the foster children, my daughter elected to go with her Mother and my Son stayed with me for a short time. Without the messy details I will move on to a much better time.

To the second part of my story:

I met and married a wonderful lady (Rhonda) in 1982 who has 2 great sons.  One is a Game Warden with the State of California and the other is a Department manager with Nordstrom's.  Rhonda taught school for 25 years and is now retired and I also being retired after 30 years on the Railroad we sometimes seem to compatible for it to be true.  However during the past 25 years we have been very disappointed with the path "my" son has chosen as he has had several run ins with the law and is now currently facing a real problem which could turn out disastrous.  I pray not, but the law is the law.  My daughter blessed us with a G/Daughter (Out-of-Wedlock) but time has eased the hurt we felt about that.  I have 3 Grandchildren and 2 G/Grandchildren in Texas with whom I try and visit at least once every year. 

Our son here and his wife have blessed us with 2 G/Daughters and the other son is married but no children yet.

I have some hobbies, woodworking, raising birds, and of course fishing which keeps me busy, my wife jazzercizes, gardens and is active in our community. Life is good, but there have been Mountain Tops and then Valleys of "H----" in these past 46 years, and as I close I wish you all a "Happy Holiday Season".

Keep the contacts coming and let's all look for
Classmates and then meet at the "Fling" in "09"

193      David Terry

194      John Terry

195      Dave Thomas

196      Ernest Thomas


197      Howard Thomas  - (I lost the date REP)

After graduation I worked the summer at the Safeway plant, and saved enough money to enter East Texas State. My social agenda and college were not compatible. So back to work at the Safeway plant and many odd jobs. 03-23-63, married Sandra who I had been dating since I was 15. Best move I ever made ! We have a daughter and son, and five Grandchildren. Classmate Ronny Thomas and I went to work for Southwestern Bell on the same day in 63. I worked 37 years for Bell, AT&T, SBC, and a small company call Thomas Communication. I retired in 2000 and started remodeling 214 West Main (the old Myles Variety bldg.) for Sandra's real estate office. I enjoy working on old homes and have reworked a few. Sandra and I got hooked on travel in Europe when we visited David and Karen Stripling in Germany. We blame Karen because she was such a great tour guide. After I retired Sandra told me I could have anything I wanted for my birthday (as long as it didn't have two legs) she was counting on me being my CHEAP self. I bought a Corvette and now we try to make all the car events possible.

God has been good to me!

At 15 I found the right girl. Worked at a job I like and was good at.  Our son  now works for AT&T. daughter is in the real estate title business. First grandson is training to take over Sandra's real estate office. I have had health problems and can't do the things I want anymore.  BUT


Some of it was magic and some of it was tragic but I've had a good wife and a good life all the way.

Now isn't that sappy!


Howard Thomas


198      Ronnie Thomas

199      Judy Sampson Thompson

200      Haskell Tilson

201      Doris Tilton

202      Gary Towers – 12/14/2007

Well, it has been interesting reading lately, hearing about everyone and their activities
since leaving High School.  Some remind me of the Resume Instructor who told her
students to remember that it sounded much better to say "A person of Conviction",
instead of a "Convicted Felon"!
Anyway, here goes mine..........
I have been married for about 41 years! (It did take me three marriages to arrive
at that total!).  I, like Sue, did not get to wear the cap and gown at our graduation
due to a disagreement with a teacher.  I did complete the requrements for graduation
that summer while at Navy Basic training, I took a correspondence course from UT
and made an A- which met the condition that the teacher set to admit that the grades
that I received in his class (twice!) should have been higher.  I took the final at DHS
in the Principals office and received my diploma and entered UNT in September, on schedule!
The Navy Basic was part of my Reserve program.
College was interrupted by my enlistment in the Air Force(Transferring from the Navy
Reserve), since it was the Viet Nam era and College deferrments were being cancelled.
I did receive a "McNamara Scholorship", whereby I got to spend 13 months in Southeast
Asia, all expenses paid, courtesy of our government!
Upon return I re-entered College, but it was not meant to be, I accepted a job after
winning out over 5 other applicants, all of whom had degrees, so I took the job!
In the past 40 years I have owned Mobile Home dealership(s) and Mobile Home repair
businesses, worked in the Nuclear Business as a Valve Engineer for 14 years, worked
as a Motivational Trainer/Speaker, and currently my wife and I own Road Hog Enterprises, Inc., of which I am President.  This is a company that sells Licensed Harley Davidson products to Harley-Davidson Dealers in five States.  We also show motorcycles and have one that has gained attention because it is dedicated to our service men and womem, it can be seen on our website:
We have three children, one mine, two hers, and four grandchildren!  All are married
and one lives in Germany where he met his wife and got out of the service and stayed
in Germany working for the Post Office.
We live in Granbury, Texas and travel extensively in our business.
That is the short version!  Would love to see any of our classmates as we travel.  Our website is  not up to date as to our schedule to show the Veteran's Tribute Motorcycle, hopefully, it will be  updated over the Holidays.  If you are interested you can contact us and we will tell you if we have  a date coming up in your area.  We will be in San Antonio for a couple of weeks at a Convention in  January and in Vegas for a couple of weeks in July for a Convention.

203      Damar Turnbull

204      Frank Vincent

205      Frances Walters

206      Adelle Walthall (Christman)

See Tommy Christman.

207      Jo Weda

208      Donna Williams – 12/26/2007

I've been gone so long no one could possibly remember who I am.  I am SO sorry I missed the last reunion. But, I couldn't resist the travel bug (I was in France) that has had hold of me since I was old enough to know you could actually leave Texas.


I've read all the stories and feel so humbled.  I only know one thing:  you were all such great people and I knew you'd all do well, even if tragedy or misfortune came your way.  No one believes me when I lament on my school days and what a great bunch of people I knew.  We grew up in such a great time, huh?  And, yes, I can still picture all of you and what I really want to know is WHAT HAPPENED TO CAMELIA PYEBURN?


I don't know if any of you remember her, but she was my hero.  She came to school in the tightest skirts and was sent home on many occasions to change and come back in something "more presentable".  As far as I was concerned, she was so cool!  She could fill out the tight skirts we wore, as she had a perfect figure 8.  I, on the other hand was taller than most of the guys in school (except for Jackie Davis -- he was 6'5) and I was known mainly as "Skinny Minny", "Giraffe", and of course, "Long Tall Sally".  The anorexic stars of today would have killed for my figure.  Now?  I would kill for it. 


If I ever get the nerve, I might come up with some interesting tidbits on my life, but for now I'm just reeling over all of your stories. 


The main thing I can write about with the greatest of pride is that I have a beautiful daughter, two great sons, 3 grandsons, 4 granddaughters, I've been single since 1988, travelled all around the world, took up residence in more states than I care to remember, I'm happy and secure, can still physically do things most people my age can't, and can fish as much as I want, unless the DNR catches me with my continuous "over the limit". 


The only hint I'll give you about my "Wild and Crazy Life" is that I once worked for a blaster loading dynamite holes while fighting off rattlesnakes in Oklahoma when I was 47, and I was tagged with the name Zena when I was 51 after I had to deck some dude that was beating up his girlfriend when I came out of a restaurant in Colorado.


With that bit of info, I'm sure you've heard enough.


With love and admiration to all of you,


Donna Williams

aka "Chester" and "Willie"

Names given me by Sharon Gouge and Lois Blount (our infamous Girls PE and Basketball Coach)


Sandy Lehner:  If you're reading this -- remember when Ms. Blount gave us her car keys and told us to go into town to buy scotch tape?  I had never driven a car before and we drove all over the place.  Those were the days.


209      Karen Williams

210      Richard (Jimmy) Wilson

211      Mary Gail Wineinger (Kolmer) – 12/15/2007

I am enjoying reading about everyone and their lives since school. I've had a happy life if not as exciting as some of you. Of course there have been ups and downs in my life. I was not happy when my oldest grandson who was 17 at the time, made me a great grandma before I turned 59. 


I enjoyed the spring fling '07 even though I didn't visit much with my classmates because I spent most of the time with my brother ( Martin class of '58 ). Our Mother passed away in November '06 so I don't get to Denison as often.


I got married a few months after graduation. My daughter and son were born at Perrin Field. In '64  when my husband was discharged from the service we moved to Arlington. I was a stay at home Mom until '78 when I went to work in the photo lab at Bell Helicopter. I got a divorce in '83 and married a wonderful man in '86. Jim had a daughter and son so now I have 4 children. In '02 I took an early retirement from Bell. Jim had been diagnosed with cancer and it gave me more time to spend with him before he passed away in '04. My daughter has 3 children, my son has one daughter, my stepdaughter has 2 children, and my stepson has one. I have 4 grandsons ranging from 24 to 14 and 3 granddaughters ranging from 21 yrs to 22 months. My oldest granddaughter joined the Marines after high school and is stationed at Camp Pendleton CA.


212      Virginia Wineinger

213      Charles Withers

214      Linda Wright

215      Sonia Wright – 12/19/2007

Hi everyone,

I'm Sonia Wright Heironimus and am so glad to hear all the stories from everyone. I can't believe the response from all of you. I too heard from Jerry Henderson on classmates.com when he e-mailed me to join up. I've often wondered what happened to everyone. Well, I have 2 daughters, and 4 grandchildren, ages 21,19,14,&12. Boy that makes me sound

old, but I sure don't feel that old.

I started working at Levi Strauss in 1970-1983.Worked at TMC from 1983-1985, then retired in 2003 from J.C.Penney after 18 yrs. Still live in Denison, but hardly ever see any old classmates, I doubt if anyone would recognize me or doubt if  I'd recognize anyone either, age does that to us.:) Again it's nice to hear from all of you and here's hoping you all have a very


216      Elaine Yeargan