Jerry Allison
Bob Anderson
Audree Aynes Chamrad
Harold Ballou
Karen Barnes Wilmont
Gene Barnhill
Marie Beckham Tiner
Patti Brooks Akkola
Beverly Bruton Harmon
Connie Cambron Coppola
Tom Christman
Richard Coley
Mary Ellen Daughton Hampton
Rita Degele Wright
Rhonda Douglas Cellner
Betty Emerson Andrews
Betty Ferguson Johnson
Martha Freeman Donowho
Yvonne Fritts
Sue Gameson Roe
Linda Garvin
T.C. Gattis
Mike Gholson
Carolyn Green Keith
Adell Hagan McCarty
Donna Hale Blincoe
Bobbie Haskins Baker
Billie Heironimus Montgomery
Jerry Don Henderson
Larry Holder
Pat Hood Barnhill
Carl Ann Hutchison Ames
Jimmie Hyde 
Brenda Johnson May
Carol Jones Downing
Clifton Kuykendall
Joe Lofland
Judy Massey Hatfield
Karla May Warborg
Melinda Mayes Penn
Paula Miller Bonnell
Judy Nastasi
Barbara Nelson Dettman
Carol Newcomb Taylor
Kay Nichols Nelson
Mike Nix
Lazelle Odle Weda
Steve Otis
Sue Palmer
Ralph Parks
Ralph Payne
Brian Powell
Don Ramsey
John  Sketter Ray
Bill Ridinger
Mary Lou Russell Jenkins
Judy Sampson
Boyd Sawyer
Lois Scibeck Dykton
Marilyn Scott
Judy Seat Lewis
Leslie Smith Reichert
Leslie Smith Reichert
Doris Stewart Wren
Robert Stratton
Bob Terrell
Howard Thomas
Haskell Tilson
Gary Towers
Adelle Walthall Christman
Jo Weda Bayne
Mary Gail Wineinger Kolmer
Linda Wright Blankenship
Sonia Wright Heironimus.

Pat Hood Barnhill provided this list. If you were at the Spring Fling and your name isn't here, let me know and I'll add it.  The pictures on the following pages are courtesy of several classmates. I picked pictures that I thought were the better of those that I received. I eliminated dark, fuzzy, and hiney shots.

Thanks to Melinda, Barbara, and Pat for identifying people.

Sandra Smith Lehner, Melinda Mayes Penn, Rhonda Douglas Cellner, Karen Barnes Wilmot, Judy Massey Hatfield, Beverly Bruton Haron, Mary Lou Russell Jenkins
Martha Freeman Donawho, Roger Shires '60, Betty Jane Blassingame Whiting '62
Melinda Mayes Penn, Jim Fitzgerald '60, Mary Lou Russell, Roger Shires '60, Carol Newcomb Taylor
Leslie Smith Reichert, Carol Newcomb Taylor, Mary Lou Russell, Linda Spradling McAnane, Melinda Mayes Penn, Rhonda Douglas Cellner
Rhonda Douglas Cellner, Karla May Warborg
Jerry Jo Shires (Roger Shires' wife) and Paula Clark Blind '60 and her husband Walt
Sue Gameson Roe, Paulla Miller, Carol Jones Downing
Kay Parker Merritt, Rhonda Douglas Cellner, Melinda Mayes Penn, Leslie Reichert
Melinda Mayes Penn, Fred and Beverly Barron (Beverly is from class of '59)
Betty Emerson Andrews, Mike Gholson and Jerry Hatfield, class of 60
Betty Emerson & Mike Gholson
Sandra Smith Lehner, Audree Aynes Chamrad, Eddie Chamrad, Nancy McManus Allison,
     Jerry Allison, Pete Coppola, Connie Cambron Coppola, Sonia Wright Heironimus
Pat Hood Barnhill and Gene Barnhill
Patti Brooks Akkola, Martha Freeman Donowho,
Linda Garvin, Carol Jones Downing, Mike Nix (Clifton Kuykendall in back)
Linda Garvin
Patti Brooks Akkola, Martha Freeman Donowho and Marie Beckham Tiner
Paulla Miller Bonnell
Marie Beckham Tiner, Carol Hutchison Ames, Gary Towers (in back)
Betty Ferguson Johnson, Marie Beckham Tiner
David Donowho, class of 60, Sue Gameson Roe
Rita Degele Wright/David Donowho
Martin Warborg (Karla's husband), Larry Gregory, and Gary Towers
Karla May Warborg and Melinda Mayes Penn