These pictures are from Pat Hood Barnhill emails.
(I had to learn the uue trick to extract JPG files from AOL.)

From Pat's email:
Ok folks, just in case ...
Billie Heironimus Montgomery, Adell Walthall Christman, Sandra Smith Lehner, Karen Barnes Wilmot, and that Hood Barnhill gaL. 

And did we have a ball...almost 3 hours in a restaurant  says oh yea, we are having fun. what we learned of each other was so interesting and funeeeee. 

Yep, its true, Sandra and Barbara Nelson did tell Ms. Blount they had their drivers license ,had never driven, and ran an errand for her, getting in a ditch. going to Loy Lake and other things too....

That quite pretty lil Sandra was also an Olympic swimmer, swimming to the islands, and if we wondered why Robert Clark didn't teach long, she cut a piece his hair because he gave her a low grade!!!!!!  and she said Barbara could tell lots more.

Adell moved to Denison from a strict Baptist school in Waco and when she heard of the approaching Howdy Dance, was sure she had come to Blackboard Jungle and we were all hell bound!!!

Karen and Billie told of how scared they were of the "big high school' and of course yours truly had come from the nuns at the Catholic school!! 
Shock deluxe!

We missed those who couldn't make it, learned Wed. is not a real good day with several Bible studies etc. so we plan to try Tuesdays,maybe once a month.

Leslie Smith and Mary Wineinger were lifted in.  Pray for quick knee recoveries.!

Barbara Nelson, you have to come next time, you know too much and for some of your locals, we may just come a getcha!!!

Till later,
Fondly, Pat

And Later did come.
From Pat Hood Barnhill email:
Standing  from the left: Adell Walthall, Connie Cambron, Judy Massey, and Pat Hood,
Seated form the left:  Sandra Smith, Leslie Smith, Betty Ferguson and Billie Heironimus.

We can't tell you how much fun we had...started at 1 and left at 4!!! 

Yes, that's a  knife Billie has carried in her purse her whole life, can't tell you its purpose but needless to say,, it brought out the cameras and the laughter!!!   (I will tell you that it has to do with cutting off something that you don't want. REP)

And how can Betty have 7 greatgrands...don't dare ask her if you can get her something, that's what people do to ole grandmas!! 

Too many funnies to tell, just hope more can make it next time.  If any far "aways" can come, I have a spare bedroom, so lodging is no excuse! 

Thanks again ladies for a wonderful time....

Jerry Don, maybe its good you didn't drop by, Billie would have had to censor her descriptive purpose of the knife!!!

Till later....

Martha Freeman, Mary Lou Russell
Adell Walthall, Janice Poulter and our boy server,
Tom Christman
Doris Stewart and Betty Ferguson
Mary Lou and Marilyn Scott
Barb Nelson
Till, Next time.
Front..Betty Ann Emerson, Billie Heironimus
In front:
Betty Emerson
In back:
Mary Lou, Betty Ferguson in blue, Sandra Smith in black/white
Karen Barnes in back, Martha Freeman in red, and
Adell Walthall Christman in sling
Billie in front,
Adell Walthall, Janice Poulter, Doris Stewart,
and Barb Nelson
Karen Barnes, Mary Lou ,and our boy toy server.
How happy can Tom Christman be? (REP)
Carol Newcome left before my camera came out.