Ralph Payne Consulting consists of a small group of affiliates. Some of the affiliates are direct associates; whereas, others are available on a part time basis. We provide some services within the company and others are provided through our network of engineering professions.

Ralph is the owner and senior technologist. He provides systems engineering and over all direction to the rest of the team. In addition he develops and models solutions for the client's product. He develops highly optimized firmware for the client's target hardware. Ralph has several patents and is well regarded within the local engineering community as a skilled and innovative engineer.
Darrell is a Senior Software Engineer. He is an expert at assembly language programming. His ability to develop quality optimized code for the Texas Instruments VLIW DSP family is un-paralleled.  He has been called " a human compiler" by  a Principle Fellow at Texas Instruments. He  is an expert in coding theory.
Wyatt is a Senior Hardware Specialist.  He develops VHDL code, designs digital circuitry, and lays out printed circuit boards. He has experience with CAD tools and has done mechanical design. He provides engineer support for hardware/software integration.